Regular Nail Polish and Gel Top Coat: A Winning Combination?

Gel Polishes are more durable and glossier when compared to regular nail polishes. One of the easiest ways to make your regular nail polish last longer and look glossier is to apply a layer of gel topcoat on it.

Gel top coatings are not easily damaged and are very resistant to peeling and chipping, which makes them very durable. This means that, depending on the brand you use, they can make your regular nail art last 10-14 days. 

Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat?

Regular nail polishes can be used with gel top coats. However, this regular nail polish must be completely dry before the gel top coat is applied. These combined polishes must be removed by soaking in warm water because the acetone will dissolve the regular nail polish and stain the nails.

As mentioned above, you can put gel top coat over regular polish only if this regular polish is completely dry. If the regular nail polish is still wet, meaning its liquid solvents do not evaporate away from the nails, the gel top coat will go over it and block these solvents from drying out.

These solvents will not form a solid base for the gel top coat to stick on and this will cause the cured gel top coat to slide off the nails or peel off easily. On the other hand, wholly dried regular nail polish will act as a solid base for the gel top coat.

Benefits of using Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat

A gel topcoat allows your regular nail polishes to:

  1. Improve the longevity and durability
  2. Look more glossy
  3. Have smoother texture

How To Apply Regular Nail Polish With Gel Top Coat

Since regular nail polish must be dry entirely before the gel top coat can be used, here are ways you can give your regular nail polish a glossier look;

  1. One of the first things you should do is to get your nails ready.
  2. Then, wash your nails with rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad, followed by pushing back cuticles and filing nails.
  3. Paint your nails with two thin coats of standard nail polish, applied in the usual manner.
  4. Wait until the polish is completely dry before adding the gel top coat.
  5. If you don’t give your nail polish enough time to cure before applying a gel top coat, the paint will shrink and wrinkle.
  6. Now that your nail paint has dried completely, apply a thin layer of gel top coat over your nail polish. However, you must cap the edges.

Ways To Ensure Your Regular Nail Polish Is Completely Dried Before Applying Gel Top Coat

You can ensure your nail polish is completely dried in any of the two ways listed below;

1. Air-dry Nail Polish

You air dry your regular nail polish by waiting approximately four to six hours before applying the gel top coat. Usually, you should wait for twenty-four hours but wait for four to six hours will do the trick

2. Fast-track Drying By Applying Heat

You can apply heat to your regular nail polish by putting your hand close to a heater to force dry your nail polish, which helps to fast-track the drying. Apply two coats for a perfect finish.

Apply the first coat then leave to dry for three minutes under the heater then apply the second coat and then leave to dry in front of the heater for five minutes.

Note: If the nail polish is thick it will take longer to dry, so if you have thick nail polish add nail thinner to thin the nail polish for it to dry faster.

How To Remove Gel Top Coat From A Regular Nail Polish

Removing a UV gel top coat from regular nail polish can be a bit difficult. There are other ways to do it, but below is the most effective method.

First, soak a cotton ball in acetone and place it over your nails. Make sure the cotton ball is sitting on top of your nails snugly.

Next, wrap your nails in aluminum foil, making sure that the foil is touching the cotton ball.

Finally, wait 10-15 minutes before removing the foil and cotton balls. Your gel topcoat should now be fully removed.