How to Stop Gel Nails From Peeling

As someone who loves the long-lasting and shiny finish of gel nails, I know firsthand the frustration of having them peel prematurely. It can be disheartening to put in the time and effort to get a perfect manicure only to have it chipping and peeling a few days later. But don’t despair – there are steps you can take to prevent gel nails from peeling and keep them looking beautiful for longer. 

In this article, I’ll share some of my best tips for stopping gel nails from peeling, so you can enjoy your manicure for as long as possible.

Common Causes Of Gel Nail Peeling

Before delving into how to stop your gel nails from peeling, it’s vital to know the cause of the problem. That being said, here are some reasons your gel nails peel.

Poor Nail Preparation

Proper nail preparation is crucial for ensuring that gel nails adhere well to the natural nail and do not peel. If the nails are not properly cleaned and buffed before the gel is applied, they may not adhere properly and is more likely to peel.

Incorrect Gel Application

Gel nails must be applied in thin, even layers to cure correctly. If the gel is applied too thickly or if there are any air bubbles present, it may not cure correctly and may peel. It is also essential to ensure that the gel is applied to the edge of the nail, as this will help prevent peeling.

Using the Wrong Type of Gel

Different types of gel have different properties and are suitable for different uses. Using a gel not meant for nail enhancements may result in peeling. For example, some gels are explicitly designed for base coats, while others are meant to be used as top coats. Using the wrong type of gel may result in poor adhesion and peeling.

Prevention Methods

To avoid peeling your cute gel nails, follow these tips.

Proper Nail Preparation

To prevent gel nails from peeling, it is vital to properly prepare the nails before applying the gel. This includes cleaning the nails with an alcohol-based cleaner, removing any excess cuticles, and buffing the nail’s surface to create a rough texture for the gel to adhere to.

Correct Gel Application Techniques

Applying gel nails correctly is also crucial for preventing peeling. This includes using thin, even layers of gel and ensuring that the gel is applied all the way to the edge of the nail. It is also essential to avoid getting any gel on the skin around the nails, as this can cause the gel to lift and peel.

Using the correct type of gel

Using the correct type of gel is also crucial for preventing peeling. Make sure to choose a gel for use as a nail enhancement and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application.

Regular Maintenance and Touch-Ups

Gel nails should be maintained and touched up regularly to prevent peeling. This includes filling in any chips or gaps in the gel and applying a new top coat every few weeks to help seal and protect the nails.

Repairing Peeling Gel Nails

If your gel nail has been damaged, there are ways you can repair it and bring back the glow.

Removing the Peeling Gel

The first step in repairing peeling gel nails is to remove the peeling gel. You can do this using a gel nail polish remover or soaking the nails in acetone. Make sure to remove all the peeling gel, as any remaining bits may interfere with the repair process.

Repairing and Reinforcing the Natural Nail

Once the peeling gel has been removed, it is essential to repair and reinforce the natural nail. This can be done using a nail strengthener or a reinforcing product, such as a fiberglass wrap. Applying these products can help strengthen and protect the natural nail, making it less prone to peeling.

Applying a New Layer of Gel

After the natural nail has been repaired and reinforced, a new gel layer can be applied. Make sure to follow the proper nail preparation and application techniques discussed in the prevention section to ensure that the gel adheres well and does not peel.


What should you not do after gel nails?

After gel nails, it’s vital to avoid long periods of time in water, such as long baths, swimming, and washing up. It’s also important to avoid picking or peeling the product off, as this can damage your natural nails. Additionally, it’s best to avoid filing your toenails and pushing your cuticles back, as this can break the seal of the gel and lead to chipping. 

How do you make gel nails last longer?

To make your gel last, it’s advisable to have the manicurist push back your cuticles beforehand, as even the tiniest overlap of paint on your cuticles can cause the color to lift off faster. Applying cuticle oil daily can also help prevent peeling by keeping your cuticles and nails moisturized. It’s important to be gentle with your nails, minimize exposure to hot water, and avoid activities that could cause excessive wear and tear on your manicure. 

Final Thought

There are several effective ways to prevent gel nails from peeling. Proper nail preparation, including buffing and cleaning the nail bed, is key. Using a high-quality gel polish and properly curing it can also help prevent peeling. Applying a thin layer of gel and avoiding the overuse of products can also make a difference. Finally, regularly moisturizing the cuticles and nails can help promote healthy nail growth and prevent peeling. By following these tips, you can enjoy long-lasting, gorgeous gel nails.