Heart Nails: 20 Trends and Designs

Heart nails are fun to wear, and they make your outfit look relaxed, and your nails look attractive. The heart symbolizes love, and girls love using them for their outfits, accessories, and even their nails. You may think heart nails aren’t exactly new; the truth is, this nail art is the specific trend we see popping all over TikTok, Pinterest, and on the hands of most celebrities.

20 Heart Nail Ideas

If you are bored with your regular nail design and want something cute with a touch of feminine effect on your fingertips, you can try out this nail art. The designs are not difficult to create, and you can achieve them with stickers, polish, glitters, and even rhinestones. If you are ready to try out this design, we have compiled the designs you can choose for your next manicure.

1. The Golden Hearts

There’s nothing more glamorous than gold spicing up your manicure. Make sure your nails are clean to create this look, then apply a base coat. Once the base coat is completely dry, apply two coats of white nail polish.

2. Blue Heart Nail Design

Blue heart nails are aesthetically pleasing and elegant and can go well with most outfits or occasions.

3. Multi-tone Nail Design

These multi-tone nails are one of the most loved heart nail designs. With this design, you can have as much sophistication and glamour as you like, and it is also perfect for almost any occasion.

4. Long Square Heart Nail Design

This heart nail idea is for people that want a simple yet classy look.

5. Simple Heart Nail Design

Who doesn’t love a simple look? This design is such a versatile design that complements your flirty and cute look without over-complicating your look.

6. Classic Hearts

These small centralized hearts are simple, versatile, and perfect for work and play. Whether you choose clashing colors, you’d still have that classy look.

7. Tiny Hearts

Tiny hearts is one of the sweetest yet simplest heart nail designs. To create this, paint individual hearts onto the base of each nail.

8. Upside-down Hearts

To create this look, flip the micro heart the other way round. Use a contrasting color on a nude or natural base to help the design stand out.

9. Black and White Hearts

Black complements so many other colors, one of which is white. This design is sleek and chic without any pop of color.

10. Foil Heart Nails

This design is for you if you want a break from other colors. Add metallic foil for a French twist on heart French tips to create.

11. Heart Frenchie Tips

Not everyone fancies something mushy; if you’re that type, stick to white hearts at the top where the normal white tips would fall.

12. The Modern Rainbow

Be creative as you can with a combination of colors that includes light blue, yellow, pink, and red. It’s lively and cheerful nail art, especially during party occasions, and it’s also a rainbow facade of colors on your nails.

To create, paint the background of your nails with colorful nail polish and let it dry. Next, use a heart pattern and put it on your nails.

13. Black Heart Nails

This design is a perfect monochrome option for minimalists. You don’t have to stick to red or pink colors and spice up your look by opting for a monochrome shade.

14. Pink Tips Nails

A simple design yet pretty, flirty, and romantic without going overboard.

15. Gradient Heart Nails

Who says you can have just one heart on your nails? This design seems to be everyone’s favorite because it features scattered hearts in different shades of pink.

16. The Love Print Nails

There is no better time to rock this design than on Valentine’s day. This design also proves its versatility to match your outfit and your accessories.

17. Simple Chic Nude Pink and White Heart Nails

You can rock this gorgeous and subtle look for any party occasion. You can recreate the look by starting with a nude base coat before using a bobby pin or nail art to draw the white hearts by hand.

18. Swirly Heart Nail Design

This look is incredibly artistic and stunning. Pair these adorable nails with any outfit for a super cute look.

19. Pink Hearts Cow Print Nails

You can rock this manicure to a party, a night out, or even a date. The combination of pink and white gives off a flirty vibe, and the heart design is perfect for valentine’s day.

20. Classy Heart Nail Design

These heart nail design screams class and elegance. If you have an important event to attend, this nail art design is perfect for you because you will look chic and classy.