OPI Nail Polish: How Long Does it Take to Fully Dry?

All of OPI’s products are trusted and adored by ladies all over the globe. The brand is a subsidiary of COTY, a familiar brand in the beauty world. OPI creates extravagant formulas, exotic colors, and fashionable iconic names.

OPI provides convenience in their formulas, that’s why you don’t have to use your hands after each coat. How long does OPI nail polish take to dry? Let’s find out.

How Long Does OPI Nail Polish Take To Set?

Generally, it takes about one or two hours for nail polish to dry completely. This depends on what nail polish you use, how you apply it and the number of coats painted. For OPI nail polish, you don’t have to wait that long before you can use your hands again.

In that case, it only takes up to 5 minutes for the nail polish to completely dry. In most cases, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can test the nail polish using the old odor test. This means that if an odor is still present after applying one coat, it means it is still drying, but when the smell is gone, it means it is completely dried.

However, waiting for the nail polish to dry in between coats only takes about 2 minutes. After that, the second coat should adhere perfectly without disturbing the first coat.

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How Long Does It Take OPI Gel Nail Polish To Dry?

OPI Gel Nail Polish
OPI Gel Nail Polish
Image by Moe Yamashita

OPI gel nail polish takes about 15 minutes for a complete dry.

How To Make OPI Nail Polish Dry Faster

Naturally, not all women can wait that long for their nail polish to completely dry, which is why most of them use some sort of means to speed up the drying process. Luckily, there are a few hacks that will help your nail polish dry faster.

Ensure your nails are free from any grease or oil before you start as this can cause your nail polish to chip or bubble.

Apply A Base Coat

For best results, start by applying a base coat followed by two layers of nail polish and a top coat.

Apply Thin Layers

Apply in thin layers as less polish means faster drying. For best results, paint on a thin first coat even if it looks a bit steamy, the second coat will even out the color.

Do Not Use Cold Water

Running your hands under water won’t help the nail polish dry faster. The cold water hardens the top layer but not the coats underneath so the nails will still be susceptible to smudging.

If at all you decide to wash your hands, dry them carefully afterwards. Dry your hands carefully with a paper towel as fibers from towels can stick to your polish.

Invest In An Hair Dryer To Speed Up the Drying Process

Try a hair dryer to speed along the drying process. To use, hold the dryer’s nozzle a few pinches away from your hands, and aim the airflow at your nails. Aim for a few seconds at a time, until the nails feel dry.

Speed Up Your Drying Time With Quick-dry Drops or Sprays

Apply quick dry drops or spray after the nails must have dried for five minutes. In the meantime, try to keep your movement to a minimum. The quick dry drops or spray lock in moisture to nourish your nails and protect your manicure.

Continue to care for your nails post-mani.

Maintaining your fresh set of manicures is an extension of the polish drying routine. Apply cuticle oil to keep the nails strong and healthy, plus enhance the nail polish’s shine. You can also reapply the topcoat every two to three days to refresh your manicure and extend its wear.

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