Static Nails vs Olive and June: Which is Right for You?

There is nothing as satisfying as the feeling of a fresh manicure. The excitement of looking down at your nails covered in the right shade of nail polish or a creative design can be compared to none. For most people, sitting down in a salon chair while getting their nails done can be time-consuming which is why they opt for press-on nails.

Whether you are looking for a quick manicure that shows a bold color or artistic design, these brands; Static nails and Olive and June got you covered with versatile collections that ensures all nail lovers have the look they want.

Making a Choice: Comparing Static Nails vs Olive and June Manicures

Are you stuck deciding between static nails and Olive and June? We’ve got the information you need to make an informed decision about the perfect manicure for you. Read on to learn about the differences between each type of manicure and which one is best for your needs.

Static Nails

Static Nails

Static nails are durable press-on nails that give the perfect alternative for flawless manicures at home. Static nails come in a variety of shapes, sizes, lengths, colors, and patterns so that you can create almost any look. They aren’t like the regular press-on nails. Instead, they come in chic designs like bold reds, leopard prints, tortoise shells, modern French, muted taupes, and more.

Olive and June

Olive & June Instant Mani

Olive and June is a well-known nail care brand that competes against other brands like Nailboo, Dashing diva, and Epic nails. The most fascinating thing about Olive and June is that they come in four shapes, four lengths, and varieties of shades including solids and prints.

They range from pale pink to stormy gray and from color blocks to florals. Below is a breakdown of the different shapes and sizes of olive and June press-on.


  • Extra short- 2 options (1 Solid, 1 Pattern)
  • Short- 4 options (3 Solids, 1 Pattern)
  • Medium- 2 options (3 Solids, 1 Pattern)
  • Long- 2 options (2 Solids)


  • Extra short- 2 options (2 Solids)
  • Short- 8 options (3 Solids, 5 Patterns)


  • Medium- 11 options (5 Solids, 6 Patterns)


  • Medium- 5 options (3 Solids, 2 Patterns)
  • Long- 8 options (3 solids, 5 patterns)

The nails are also made with a 4% post-consumer recycled material (PCR) and the nail included is non-toxic.

Static Nails vs Olive and June

Static NailsOlive and June
Has a greater brand recognition than Olive and JuneMore frequent discounts and promotions than static nails.
Offers positive brand valuesApple pay support
Afterpay financing supportKlarma financing support
3 active coupon codes4 active coupon codes.

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Static Nails vs Olive and June: Application

Static nails can be applied individually using durable nail glue and each nail set can be removed, reapplied, and filed to your liking.

Step One: Prep your natural nail

First off, file your nails to make sure they are clean of any previous polish. You need to remove any kind of oil on the nails, and you can do this by simply using acetone. There’s a file located in the kit in case you don’t have one which can also act as a surfing tool for your nail.

Step Two: Choose Your Size

Test out the sizing of each nail by placing each nail on your natural nail to see which size will fit each one. After doing that, line them up in order so you don’t get confused about which ones to wear.

Step Three: Add Nail Glue

Add nail glue depending on how long you want to carry your nails. For example, if you want your nails to last 1-2 days, apply a thin strip of glue from your cuticle to the top of your nail.

For 5-7 days, apply a small amount of glue to the nail and be careful to not get it too close to your skin. Meanwhile, if you want it to last 7-14 days, apply glue to your natural nail and let it dry for a few seconds then apply some glue to the back of the nail.

Step Four: Shape and File To Your Desired Length

After you must have applied the nails and the glue has dried, you can shape and file them to your liking.

Note: The longer you wear your nails, the easier it is to remove them especially if you have applied the right amount of glue.

Olive and June

Step One: Prep Your Nails

When it comes to Olive and June, each nail is numbered to make it easy. Make sure the number side is toward your cuticle, to find a nail that covers your nail but isn’t too tight.

Next, file your nails to a short but comfortable length. Make sure the press-on nail covers your real nail then file your nail to finish, then surf the top of your nail slightly.

Step Two: Apply The Nails

For short-term wear, put one line directly on your nail followed by your press-on nail. For long-term wear, put a dot on your press-on nail first then cover your actual nail with glue. Finish up by filing to give them a natural look.

Note: Olive and June press-on nails can be removed by soaking nails for at least 10-15 minutes in a bowl of warm, soapy water.

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