How to Make Your Own Press-On Nails

Making your own press-on nails shouldn’t be a problem for you if you have a creative mind. No matter how simple or intricate the design, press-on nails must be eye-catching and adorable. Even a beginner can create their own press on nails.

Press-on nails also referred to as “glue-on nails,” are simply artificial nails made of acrylic resin with a variety of simple to complex designs. Because they are simple to apply and reusable, press-on nails are popular right now. They can also accommodate a variety of fingernail sizes.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Making Press-On Nails

DIY Press-on Nails

In a world where most people are busy with their regular daily activities, most women prefer press-on nails that they can easily fix and remove when they get home. If you’re making press-on nails for yourself or a client, here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Get your working Tools Ready

Before beginning, gather all the supplies you’ll need, including nail polish in various colors, acrylic powder in various colors, monomer, nail glue, plain press-on nails, a nail file, alcohol and acetone solutions, Q tips, polish remover pads, lint-free towelettes, beads, napkins, a dotting tool, brushes in various sizes, a nail cutter, designing stickers, rhinestones, and glitter, as well as a nail buffer, top and base coat, a curing machine, packaging tools and most importantly, a nail stand.

2. Garther Designs From The Internet

Beginners should start with simple designs, so you can utilize examples such as photographs of simple designs you can find online. Note that lots of designs are going to attract you; only select the very simple ones.

3. Organise A tidy workspace

Clear the area you will be working in, whether it is a small nook in your home or a store, prepare your workspace, and set up all of the tools you will need.

4. Select And Position The Correct Size Nails

You can get plain nails from a cosmetics store; they come in various sizes for each finger. You can utilize the size of your nails to design press-on nails that you will sell or use in the future. There are several different techniques to measure your nails. Find the nail size that matches your natural nails by measuring each one from the base to the tip. Learn how to measure nails for pressing.

5. Secure Nails To Nail Stand

After choosing 10 nails, arrange them on your nail stand from the thumb to the pinkie finger by applying press-on adhesive to the back of the press-on nail and setting it on the nail stand. From the nail stand, you will design the nails; you can easily hold the nail stand and work with it.

6. Polish the Press-On Nails

Shape and round the edges of the press-on nails with a nail file. These nails typically come in a variety of shapes; if you don’t like the one you have, you can give it the shape you want, file it, and reshape it. Before you begin designing, buff the nails to remove any rough edges and create a seamless appearance.

7. Guard Your Naturally Grown Nails

When working with gels, polish, and acrylic powder, wear gloves to keep your hands organized and prevent overexposure to chemicals.

8. Apply a base coat or clear nail polish to the nails.

When creating acrylic or polygel nails, apply a base coat to the nail and place the nail stand in the curing machine for 1 minute to dry. If you are creating a press-on nail with normal nail polish, apply transparent nail polish to the nails first, then allow them to dry.

9. Execute Your Design

You can create designs for your nails using acrylic powder, nail paint, and polygels. You can press on nails, start with one or two color designs, and learn how to create nails by watching YouTube videos.

After designing, place your nail stand in a drying chamber to cure.

10. Put On The final coat

After placing the nails back in the curing machine for 2 minutes and applying a top coat to seal in the color and prevent chipping, you can embellish the nails with gems and rhinestones.

11. Packaging

When all 10 nails are properly cured, package them in a box, add press on glues, wipe, and a small file. Just like this.

What Does It Cost To Purchase Press-On Materials?

However, if you are just starting out, you can get simple and less expensive tools; on average, they seem to range between $50 and $200 for simple to advanced tools. There are different tools from different brands; go with a less expensive brand if you’re just starting.

So use your imagination today, get your equipment ready, and make press-on nails using lovely nail images you’ve saved or images your customers request. The great thing about press-on nails is that you can reuse them.