How To Accurately Measure Nails For Press-On

Press-on nails have made outings for a lot of women more comfortable and easy. A good press-on nail has to have a good fit, meaning it has to cover your entire nail bed. Many females find it challenging to fix their nails, or rather, fixing nails takes too much time, unlike press-on which can be fixed within a few minutes and can also be reused.

You can fix Press-on nails at home, but it is critical to correctly measure your nails before buying them or applying the Press-on temporary glue. The right measurement of your nails is very important, as undersized nails can cause pain and crooked nails.

Nail Measuring Techniques For Press-On

There are a set of tools you should use to measure your nails for press-on. For beginners, get a pack for all nail lengths; this set includes different lengths of nails in various sizes, colors, designs, and shapes to ensure your nails will have the perfect shape and length for any occasion.

To keep your nails looking their best, get a pack that has a nail file, press-on glue, a buffer, and, most times, a manual on how to fix the nails is also included in the pack. If the manual does not have a size chat, you can get it from here.

You can properly apply your press-on when you accurately measure your nails. There are two methods for determining the length of your nails for press-on nails: either you use a ruler or no ruler.

1. Using A Ruler To Measure

The first method is to use a ruler, and all you have to do is

  • Take a piece of cello tape and wrap it around your nails; mark where your nails start and end on the cello tape.
  • That is, the top left and top right (width) of your nails; make sure the marking is visible.
  • Use the ruler to measure the length of the two marks on your nail tape. Repeat for all nails.

2. Thread Measurement

This method involves using a thread instead of cello tape.

Wrap a string or thread around your fingernails and then cut it so that it is just a bit longer than the width of your nail. Use the measurement obtained from measuring the string with a ruler to determine the size of your press-on nails. This is the same process as the ruler method.

3. Cello Tape Measurement

Any tape that is within your reach can be used to measure your nail for press-on and still give accurate results.

  • Simply start measuring your nails for press-on by placing the tape’s beginning point at the base of your nail plate. Keep in mind that your nails should be measured as big rather than undersized. Note that only natural nails can give an accurate measurement, meaning no serious design should be on the nails.
  • Measure the width of your nails by aligning the left side of the nail with the start of the measuring tape.
  • Wrap the nail with the tape from left to right, and take note of or mark with a pen where the tape meets the opposite side of the nail.
  • Mark the width of your nail by using a pen; make a record for 10 nails; and measure the length between the marks on the tape.

Rules for Measuring Nails for Press-On

You should be aware that while sizing your nail tip, you must follow these rules:

1. Before beginning the measurement, note that the nails should not be undersized. You should also be aware that your fingertip should be able to fit from sidewall to sidewall. When you fit them from one side to the other, they must not fall short or you could experience press-on nail pains.

Additionally, they must always feel snug on your skin. To get the optimum fit, you must measure from one sidewall to the next, which could be from one edge to another.

2. Never assume your fingers in the left hand are the same as those in the right hand; always measure all 10 fingers to get accurate results.

3. If your nail is shorter than 2 inches, you should buy short press-ons, and if it’s longer than 2 inches, you should buy long ones.

4. It’s always better to go bigger than smaller when choosing your nail sizes, so please choose the closest size to your nail bed size. If the size is a little bit large, you can always use the nail file to fix it by filling the nails a bit.