How to Get Rid of Greenish Nails After False Nails

Having manicured nails boosts your confidence, and you can flick your fingers back and forth with no reservations. But what happens when you take off those false nails? You have green-looking nails to deal with!

If you have ever had to deal with these green nails, you’d know it’s no pretty sight. So instead of avoiding false nails because of the aftermath of green nails, I will show you how to get rid of green nails.

You can pull this off with easy step guides you can easily follow.

What Causes Green Nails?

If we must carefully deal with the issue of green nails, we must understand what causes it initially.

Green nails are caused by a bacteria called pseudomonas, commonly found in moist places and surfaces. This bacteria is responsible for the green color of your nails and can be present almost anywhere.

Applying nail polish on the nail plate with the bacteria creates a suitable environment for these bacteria to feed and grow. While the bacteria are feeding, it releases a dark-colored substance that stains your nails.

Even without removing false nails, there’s still a probability of getting a pseudomonas infection if the skin under your nail is compromised. But for this article, we are focused on pseudomonas infection due to removing false nails.

How To Treat Green Nails

If you notice your nails have turned green, follow these simple steps to get rid of them:

Step 1

Altogether remove the nail enhancement from your natural nail.

Step 2

Use this time to trim your nails and buff your nails properly.

Step 3

Clean your nails by disinfecting them with a 1% acetic solution. If you don’t have this available, you can use an antifungal cream that would kill the bacteria. Using rubbing alcohol is an easy way to clean your nails.

How To Avoid Green Nails

Prevention is always a better option than cure, so it is best to avoid getting green nails in the first place. I will discuss the prevention below:

Uphold Industry’s Standards

While attending to your clients, it’s crucial to uphold the industry’s hygiene standards. Your environment and equipment ought to be clean and orderly. Ensure tools to be used have been appropriately cleaned, and surfaces where these equipment are kept, are clean also.

Disinfect Tools

Properly disinfect your tools after working on each client to avoid predisposing your new client to the bacteria.

Fix False Nails Properly

Also, ensure to properly fix false nails on nail plates to avoid cracks and spaces that could be a breeding ground for the bacteria.

Educate Clients

During consultations with your client, ensure you inform them about hygienic practices expected while applying false nails. For example, clients should avoid putting fingers into their mouths or touching their faces to avoid exposing themselves to bacteria.

Avoid Water Contact

After false nail application, it’s advisable to keep your nails dry for at least 2 hours.

Ensure you keep your nails dry and avoid soaking your nails in water for a prolonged time, as this can quickly start an infection. If you must be in contact with water for a long time, opt for a glove to protect your hands.

How To Apply False Nails To Avoid Green Nails

Ditching your favorite false nails because of fear of green nails is unnecessary, and with some easy tips, you can apply your false nails properly.

  • Start with a Good Nail Prep

Don’t rush to apply glue over your nail plate; pay attention to your nail prep. A good nail pressure, you trim nails, file the nail plate and clean your nails with rubbing alcohol.

  • Choose The Right False Nail Size

Whatever nail design or type you opt for, ensure you choose the right nail size. The right nail size doesn’t creep into the skin around your nails. The right size doesn’t touch your nail cuticles. Choosing a slightly smaller nail size is better than opting for a bigger nail.

Following the application process to avoid having gaps between false nails and natural nails could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Final Takeaway

Your false nails, when applied rightly, should be free of green nails. But just in case you run into this ‘Green Nail Syndrome,’ follow our article guide to get rid of them.