50 Beautiful Toe Nail Colors You Should Try

Getting some free time to get a beauty treatment while juggling a career, school, a household, and spending time with family can be difficult.

We tend to forget about our feet when setting beauty goals. I mean, they are in shoes most of the time and nobody looks at them if they are exposed.

But paying your toenails some attention will make you feel pampered and loved. Getting a manicure is great, but a beautiful pedicure is a great confidence booster. If you’re unsure what color to try, we recommend a classic French Pedi or a deep red nail polish color. Nude and black tones are also great options.

Popular Toe Nail Polish Colors You’ll for Every Occasion

Here are 50 toe nail colors you can try that are sure attention snatchers and will make you feel like a princess in your sandals or peep toe heels.

1. Bright Orange

This over-the-top, sunshine-filled color is just the thing if you’re looking for a mood boost. 

2. Baby Pink

You won’t draw a lot of attention, but you’ll achieve that cared-for feeling which is what we should all aspire for.

3. Lavender

This shade of purple gives off a soft, feminine effect.

4. Purple

What’s not to love about purple nail polish?

5. Fuchsia

Don’t like light pinks? Try a bolder shade like fuchsia pink. 

6. Medium Pink

medium pink toenail polish color
medium pink toenails

A pink that is not too bright, not too dark, but is just right in the middle.

7. Violet

Although violet seems like a summer color, it works for any season.

8. Cherry Red

Want people to notice your pedicure? You already know what to do.

9. Mellow Yellow

This light, soft shade is so gorgeous and looks great on pretty much anyone. 

10. Pastel Color Mix

There are so many hues of pink to pick from. This darker shade of lavender stands out in a good way.

11. Periwinkle

If you want something unexpected and is a little out there, pick a color like this.

12. Baby Blue

Anytime you see the baby in front of any color, you already know it’s going to be a great one.

13. Light Blue

light blue toenail polish color

This is a shade of blue softer than baby blue. It is an easy way to tune up a bland outfit or mellow a loud one.

14. Sage

This lovely, soft shade of green is fun without being too obnoxious and looks great on all women.

15. Pink Coral 

pink coral toenail polish color
pink coral toenails

Another shade of pink, this one has a lot of orange in it.

16. Coral

If the first coral is not for you, try this softer shade.

17. Dusty Purple

dusty purple nail polish

This shade of purple looks like a gentle fade-out. It’s different without being too loud.

18. Copper

When going for warm colors, try a metallic one like this. This color reminds me of my favorite bowl at my grandma’s.

19. Red

Ahhh, the great one is finally here. This popular color is a great option both for fingernails and toenails.

20. Fire Red

Red is another color that has almost a million shades. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

21. Nude Pink

Use a light pink with warm undertones to flatter your skin.

22. Bright Yellow

Yellow is a very popular color so why not use it on your nails? Check out this bright shade. 

23. Gray

There are fifty shades of gray (just kidding). This color is just perfect for fall and winter.

24. Shimmery Red

Do you know what will draw more attention than a red pedicure? A shimmery red pedicure.

25. Orange Coral

Orange is universally flattering for older women. This warmer tone is even more stunning.

26. Dark Pink

I don’t think we could run out of shades of pink. Try out this classic feminine color.

27. Soft Peach

Finish this chic look with some shimmer.

28. Royal Blue

This bold blue will add a pop of color to any outfit.

29. Pink With Metallic Accents

This soft pink with metallic accents is a youthful, yet sophisticated look. 

30. Mixed Colors

Try something fun and crazy. Paint each toenail a different color.

31. White Shimmer

White is a great color for nails, but turn it up a notch by adding shimmer and a glossy finish.

32. Matte or Glossy Mauve

This would be a great choice for a subtle and pretty look.

33. Glitter

Glitter and glam go hand in hand so why not indulge your toes in some shiny blessedness?

34. Spiced Chocolate

The mature look of this polish is flattering and perfect if you don’t want any attention.

35. Purple Glitter

This look is a great way to turn heads and push the sun into people’s eyes at the same time.

36. Opalescent

Here’s an option you might not have considered. This color is just right if you don’t want to draw attention but feel pampered all the same.

37. Nude

The understated power of nude colors is why they are a great option.

38. Natural

Try using a color that is just the same color as your skin for a chic, mature, and sophisticated look.

39. Black

There are no words to describe the beauty of a black polished pedicure.

40. White

Of course, at the other end of the spectrum is this color waving and reminding you that you can look classy and classic at the same time.

41. Pastel Yellow

This yellow looks so creamy it is almost white. 

42. Matte Green

All greens are beautiful so look for a shade you love and just go for it.

43. Plum

This hue is a fun pick compared to the pinks and purples we’ve been seeing.

44. Teal

Life is all about spice, so do something fun with your toes.

45. Orange Red

This red is quite warm and comely to look at.

46. Orange and Pink

What could be better than using orange or pink nail polish? Mixing both of them.

47. Taupe

You can try this color in glossy and matte forms.

48. Gold

Did you want to sparkle and draw attention? You have a great color right here.

49. Opaque Nude

This shade of nude is a little lighter than some but great nonetheless.

50. Classic French Tips

French Toes is one design that looks good on, if we dare say, everyone!