The Best Way to Maintain Your Matte Nails

Many people will pick matte nails over glossy ones, despite the fact that glossy nails last longer. Matte nails have a very cool and unique appearance that has piqued the interest of many women.

Matte nails become increasingly fragile as time goes on; therefore, to increase their lifespan, they need proper care and maintenance. Day-to-day activities are the reason why matte nails get dirty over time; fortunately, matte nails can be cleaned at home without wasting time at the salon.

How to Maintain Matte Nails: Tips and Tricks

Matte nails are a great way to switch up your look and add a bit of edge to your style, but with great style comes great maintenance, and keeping your matte nails in tip-top shape requires a bit of extra care and attention.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your matte nails:

Use a Base Coat

matte nail polish

A base coat is essential for keeping the colour of your matte nail polish vibrant and true to its original hue. The base coat also acts as a protective barrier between your nail bed and the nail polish, which helps prevent staining from darker colours.

Avoid Oil-Based Products

Oil-based products like hand lotions or creams can damage the surface of your matte nail polish and cause it to chip and peel prematurely. If you must use these kinds of products (such as hand sanitizer), be sure to wait until it has completely dried before applying your matte nail polish.

Give Your Nails Some Breathing Room

Don’t overdo it when applying multiple coats of nail polish! Too many layers can cause bubbles or cracking in the finish, leading to a less-than-perfect look. Two coats should be sufficient – any more will just weigh down the nail plate and make it prone to chipping or peeling off sooner than expected.

Limit Water Exposure

Wet hands are not friends with matte nails! Whenever possible, try not to expose them directly to water for long periods of time – this will help preserve their beautiful finish for longer periods of time without fading or chipping away prematurely. If you need to wash dishes or take a bath/shower, be sure wear gloves!

Be Careful When Filing

nail filing

Filing is essential for giving your nails an even shape and texture but you must take care not too file too aggressively because this could ruin the topcoat of your matte polish job if done incorrectly! Start with soft strokes using light pressure – gradually increasing as necessary up until you reach the desired length/shape but make sure not too press too hard otherwise you run the risk of ruining the entire manicure!

It’s always best practice go on the gentler side when filing so as not damage your matte finish in any way shape or form…it would be heartbreaking if all that effort was wasted because one wrong move was made while filing!

Keep Your Nails Properly Hydrated

To ensure that the lovely smooth finish remains intact on those gorgeous metallic shades, be sure to keep those nails hydrated with cuticle oil daily! Not only does this help keep them looking tip top but regular moisturizing also helps strengthen weak brittle nails especially if they are prone towards breaking easily due to frequent exposure to water (like when doing dishes). Using cuticle oil consistently throughout the week will provide much-needed TLC that keeps those lovely mattes in check and looking incredible all week long!

Keep your Nails Clean

Keeping your nails clean is essential for any manicure, but it’s even more important for matte nails. Dirt, oils and other contaminants can cause the colour to fade or streak, so use a gentle soap and an old toothbrush to keep them looking their best.

Here are various ways to keep your matte nails looking clean:

1. Filling method

Light colored Matte Nails

Light-coloured matte nails, particularly light pink and white, attract a lot of dirt, and there are several methods you can use to matte your nails, including:

For this method, you will need a file or buffer, soap, and a matte top coat.

  1. Begin by filing the nails and shaping them if necessary. Use the nail file to gently file away any dirt from the surface of the nails.
  2. Use the cuticle stick to push back the cuticles and gently remove any dirt from beneath them.
  3. Once all the dirt has been removed, gently wash the hands with soap and water. 
  4. Dry the hands with a soft towel and apply cuticle oil to the nails to help nourish and protect them.
  5. Finally, apply a matte top coat to the nails to seal them and protect them from chipping. Remember matte top coat, not glossy top coat, Revlon Nail Enamel is very wonderful product you can give it a try! And don’t forget to let the nails dry completely before going about your day.

Matte topcoat nail polish can damage your nails if it is applied improperly. If you apply too much top matte polish, it could dry out your nails and cause chipping or peeling. Instead, apply a thin coat of topcoat polish, as matte topcoat gives it a long-lasting and unique appearance.

2. Nail Remover Method

This is the most common method. For this method;

  • Get your nail remover and a wipe.
  • Apply a little new remover to the wipe, and
  • Clean your matte nails gently; avoid rough cleaning to avoid removing nail polish.
  • When done, apply your matte top coat and allow it to dry.

3. Alcohol Method

alcohol wet wipes

You can clean matte nails with alcohol, but you should use a non-acetone alcohol-based cleaner, such as alcohol wet wipes or rubbing alcohol, as acetone will damage the matte finish. After rubbing alcohol on your nails, let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off with running water.

Then, apply a matte top coat.

4. Toothpaste Method

This is very effective for whitened nails; just as you would normally brush your teeth.

Apply a little toothpaste to a brush and brush your nails gently with a toothbrush; after brushing your nails, Rinse toothpaste from your nails and your hands with running water.

Taking care of matte nails isn’t difficult; just avoid things like dust, hair dye, cosmetics, chlorine, saltwater, tumeric powder, and some skin care products that cause dirt and discoloration on your nails.

Due to the smooth, non-shiny appearance that matte nails give, many women prefer them to glossy nails. Hence, matte nails are a popular style for women who don’t want shiny or glossy nails. However, if you don’t take adequate care of them, they could easily become rough and look dirty.