30 Best Vampire Nail Designs

Halloween is quickly approaching. Try one of these stunning Halloween nail designs to get in the spooky mood.

It is a magical holiday that inspires you to be crazy and temporarily step outside your comfort zone.

Nail art is a fantastic way to be yourself and show how excited you are about anything! Nowadays, there are so many talented nail artists available that you can almost get any design you can think of.

Overall, these nail art designs are a superb way to channel your inner spook. And it doesn’t matter if you’re dressing up to the nines or just quietly celebrating with a spooky manicure. Here are 30 vampire nail designs you can rock this season.

30 Best Vampire Nail Ideas

1. Spooky Dark Night Design

The cheerful ghost with the stars shining, spider and cobweb, a screaming zombie, threatening bats swooping past, and blood drips are all visible in black and white. Despite the complexity of this design, black and white can never be too vibrant.

2. Skeleton Butterfly Design

Halloween is a time for terrifying costumes, great Halloween parties, and an extremely entertaining celebration. Many people are rushing to come up with ideas for their outfits as Halloween approaches; don’t forget about your nails, either.

3. Encapsulated Blood Nails

This cute and feminine design works nicely with the eerie theme and makes it simple to try out intricate nail art or change your nails into witches’ talons. You must be careful with your regular activities since the shape requires a lot of upkeep and is vulnerable to breaking.

4. Devilish French Tip

You can rock the vampire theme without making your nails too dramatic. An easy way to pull that off is by using a French manicure with a little twist.

5. Horror Film Acrylic Nails

These nails will appeal to the horror movie fan in all of us. These coffin-shaped nails are painted in traditional colors like black, white, and red, each with a distinctive design inspired by one of our favorite horror movies. If you want something modest, you could even paint your nails entirely white and add a few tiny red accents.

6. Vampire Teeth Fangs

It is all a bloody affair in this design. Anyone that sees your fingers knows that you dipped your hands in your victim’s blood. And you know, the vampire is not ready for business without the fangs.

7. Black Widow Art

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are proof that being a black widow is equally attractive and tough. This black widow-inspired nail art is ideal if you’re flaunting your dark side this Halloween.

8. Bizarre Halloween Nail Design

These nails are completely out of this world. Different colors and patterns produce a dynamic and festive aesthetic that is perfect for Halloween, and you can even combine different shades and designs to get a unique look.

9. Crime Scene Nail Art

You don’t need to cover up the evidence! This Halloween, you’ll want the entire world to see your blood-spattered, crime-scene-inspired nail art. Everyone will be curious about where you hid the body.

10. 3D Ghost and Bloody Nails

People will stare at your nails all night long and wonder how you managed to capture ghosts in your nail bed thanks to this 3-D nail art.

11. Horror Movie Stilleto Nails

You should be able to use your imagination and explore new ideas while choosing fun nail art for your manicure. If you want to express your thoughts and feelings about the spooky season, try to blend various colors and images. You can include characters from your favorite movie. Coffin nails and stilettos are fantastic for this nail art because they offer larger space.

12. Zombie Nails

If you really like gore, you could pretend to have the worst manicure ever. All that’s needed to complete these zombies’ fingertips are some fake blood drops (any vampy nail polish color should work) and some sloppy dabbing.

13. Swirling Blood Art

This manicure set gives the impression that blood is swirling inside a jar. These lovely black nails that transition to red are here, and I adore how well this nail set was done.

14. Fun Pink Vampire Nails

Here are some sweet pink nails that went more ruthlessly. They have these candy hearts all over them, and in the center is the traditional lip symbol. I appreciate how they included more graphic elements, like blood, in this manicure set.

15. Eerie Ghostown Design

This is for anyone who wants to raise the fear factor to a new level: a blood-spouting witch, a faceless monster, and the undead. You might just need this item to complete your creepy Halloween ensemble.

16. Blood-Flowing Vampire Nails

I like how realistic this nail set looks and how awesome it is. These incredibly amazing long, square-shaped nails give the appearance of streaming blood.

17. Old Religion Art

The nail set is imaginative and spooky, providing the appearance of an old religious nail. The close-up pages, representing pages from the scripture or a book of spells and secrets, are unquestionably my favorite.

18. Short Bloody Ghost Nail Design

To get this classic look, begin with a black base and red drips to the tips. Don’t forget to apply the recognizable screaming ghost with a striping brush on your ring fingers.

19. Pattern Duplicate Design

Here is a manicure set that uses two distinct hues but only one pattern. Once more, the nails have a vampire-inspired appearance thanks to the black, crimson, and silver color scheme and the silver embellishments.

20. Vampire Castle Art

Have a look at this lovely illustration of a castle that is both lovely and frightening. It unmistakably has the appearance of a vampire-run establishment.

21. Halloween Color Riot Design

This is the weirdest Halloween I’ve ever seen, with colors and everything. And what would Halloween be without weirdness? This nail art is ideal for the upcoming Halloween season.

22. Simple Ombre Design

With these nails, you will maintain a much simpler aesthetic. This short, square-shaped nail design features an ombré pattern that ranges from deep crimson to black.

23. Glitter Vampire Nails

This nail set is ideal if you like more glitter and gloss. It is a mixture of red and black painted nails embellished with either glitter or diamonds. Both hues blend and are capped with several bats on the middle finger.

24. Old School Vampire Nails

I’m reminded once more of how these nails saw vampires in the past. These stunning crimson nails with sparkle are finished with a connected beast head motif.

25. Vampire Stilleto Nails

Here are some long, dark nails that include textured red detailing. The colors and design give the overall appearance depth and character.

26. Funky Vampire Design

These nails are far less frightful and much more amusing. We have crimson lips, white nails with red drips, and red glitter nails with the phrase “bite me” printed on top.

27. Gory Vampire Design

Because cream and crimson closely resemble human skin, combining them might provide a horrific feeling. We have these less accurate red accents to give off the appearance of real blood.

28. Vignette-Cross Design

These nails are much more subdued yet nevertheless grungy. These subtle deep wine nails are coupled with this vignette cross-shaped nail.

29. Gritty Vampire Nails

This manicure set is for you if you want something more subdued and stays true to the grunge aesthetic. It has some nails in milky white and black nails with crosses, bats, hearts, and skeletons.

30. Blood Drips and Bat Design

Because of the vibrant red hue and the bat pattern, these nails appear a little more lively. The crimson drips on the nails elevate this appearance to a new level and are still something I adore.