20 Beautiful Pink Ombré Nails to Try

Ombré is one of the stylish and trendy nail designs. It refers to any manicure that includes a gradient effect, and it can go from light to dark, dark to light, or can consist of any mix of colors you choose. Unlike other nail designs, an ombré manicure is simple, seamless, and chic for all skin tones and nail shapes.

20 Beautiful Pink Ombré Nails

There are so many ombré color combinations, but we’ll show beautiful pink ombré nails in this article. A set of pink ombré nails is the millennial version of a French manicure, and they are taking center stage. No matter how you choose to rock your pink ombré nails, always remember that they will look great with every nail shape and length.

1. Pastel To Hot Pink Ombré Nails

These pastel to hot pink ombré nails are simply cool, chic, and gorgeous. They make the fingers look attractive and even more appealing when paired with beautiful accessories.

2. Pink Ombré Nails With Hearts

Here’s another pink ombré nail, but the design features a heart design this time.

3. Subtle Pink Ombré Nails

This next ombré nail design is so cute, chic, and glam. This design combines soft and light pink that blends with a brighter pink at the top of the nail. Moreover, this design will look chic on other nail shapes, such as a coffin, plus you can create a bolder look by using more of the darker pink color.

4. Neon Pink and Yellow Ombré Nails

Neon Pink and Yellow Ombré Nails
By dndang

Despite being short, this design is so glam and fierce, and it’s for those who like bold colors and like to make a bold statement.

5. Pink And Purple Ombré

The color combination and shape of the nails look amazing together. The nails start with purple and then blend to pink towards the tips.

6. Classy Pink Ombré Nails

This design features a classy french fade that’s worth trying,

7. Simple Pink Ombré Nails

Although your pink ombré nails may be simple, they can still be eye-catching and classy.

8. Acrylic Pink Ombré Nails

Next, we have acrylic pink ombré nails. This one is for you if you prefer more fun, pretty, unique nail designs.

9. Pink Ombré Coffin Nails

This is gorgeous, trendy and amazing nail art. If you want to wear pink in a subtle way, you need to try out this design.

10. Dark Pink Ombré Nails

This nail design is sweet and features a slightly darker rosy hue for a peek color that looks less natural than a classic french manicure. Add a pale pink polish next to slightly darker nail polish to create this look.

Then use a small sponge to pick up the polish and dab it unto your nails. Finish up with a top coat.

11. Short Pink Ombré nails

Keep the shine alive with these short pink ombré nails. This design features different shades of pink, showing off different design looks.

12. Nude to Bright Pink Nails

Next, we have stunning accent nails topped with some multi-colored chrome hearts0 and one of the nails with a pink glitter bow on it.

14. Pink Watermelon Ombré Nails

This mani is a fun look, and the pink color looks amazing with the watermelon art. Get ready for some attention when you step out with this look.

15. Long Stiletto Pink Nails

Stiletto nails are nails that have been filed or sculpted to a smooth, thin point. They elongate the fingers and are the fiercest shape you can get. These nails fade from a nude shade to hot pink and are also decorated with a bunch of glitter on top.

16. Pink Marbled Coffin Ombré Nails

If you are attending a formal event and want your nails to shine, try out this marbled pink ombré.

17. Pink Pastel Ombré Nails

The soft and subtle pink is distinctive and features a clear polish that fades into color. To recreate, use a peachy-pink nail polish as your base to bring brightness to the nails.

18. Pink Ombré Sunset Nails

Most women love this design because it has this ombré sunset design with some palm tree art.

19. Floral Nail Design

Next, we have a stunning floral nail design ideal for spring and summer. A floral manicure is a perfect way to take nature everywhere.

The nails feature French pink and white ombré, coffin-shaped, and beautifully adorned with flowers. You can recreate something similar by using any flower type and color of your choice.

20. Pink Ombré Coffin Nails

This manicure is perfect for special occasions. Here, the long coffin nails feature light pink and white ombré. The best part is you can rock this mani with small and big rhinestones.