Baddie Nails: 20 Ideas to Try in 2023

What other way to make you look like a real baddie? Baddie Nails. Baddies are fierce and are not scared to express themselves through fashion, and baddie nails are an important element of their style. Baddie nails are modernized nail art, and it comes in a variety of colors and finishes.

It is also diverse, combining prints, graffiti art, and other themes to create unique designs. Baddie nail art trends are now taking over social media, and regardless of the size or style, they are distinct and eye-catching.

20 Baddie Nails Trends

From long acrylics to almond nails to vicious stiletto, here are the top 20 baddie nails to inspire you for your next nail appointment.

1. Black Frenchies Baddie Nail

Black Symbolises power, elegance, and sophistication and can be paired with any other color. These nails’ length, pattern, and definition bring a spice of baddie energy to mind. You can recreate this pattern using rhinestones in shades of red, black, and nude, or you can also use a different natural tone for the nude color.

2. Pink and White Baddie Nails

This color combination is delightful. The heart-shaped gems on these nails are beautiful, and it’s a perfect look for anyone seeking a pink princess look.

3. Fiery Baddie Nails

These nails are so daring and will steal the show. It is a themed design that chooses its occasion. So, if you have a Halloween-themed party to attend, you might want to try it out.

4. Plain Ombré Baddie Nails

Ombré nail designs are taking over. It is undoubtedly that ombré is beautiful in whatever design and style it appears. These nails prove that plain nails can also be baddies, even without patterns and decorations.

5. Royal Blue Baddie Nails

These royal blue nails scream luxury. Spice them up by adding rhinestones. However, these nails will still look their best without rhinestones.

6. Ombré Baddie Acrylic Nail

Keep it classy with an acrylic set of ombré nails. The nails feature glittery white polish and a combination of nude and white. If you want a more subtle look, consider removing the floral design, and you’d still get the complete baddie look.

7. Simple Classic French Baddie Nails

You probably didn’t know there is a simple and classic baddie nail design too. The blend of pink and white and the short square-shaped style are stunning as the oval-in-square design.

8. Glittery Ombré Baddie Nails

This next ombré manicure is another style that signifies a baddie look. You will love these luxurious nails if you are into glitz and glamour.

9. Gold Ombré and Charms Baddie Nails

Another classic ombré look to try out is the Gold ombré and charms baddie nails. The blend of gold and nude shades is gorgeous and will make a bold statement. Note, even without the charms, the nail will still look lovely.

10. Spring Vibes Baddie Nails

These bold and vibrant nails are the perfect way to show you are ready for spring. The flowery art is extremely beautiful, and if you want something different from the nude, you can try either a gel or creamy white.

11. Love Day Nails

Red is romantic, and it sends a message. Think of this design as jewelry for your nails. Regardless of your February 14 plans, you’d still want to treat yourself to a fresh manicure.

12. Retro Vibes Baddie Nails With Butterfly

If you are in for something eye-catching, this retro pattern is perfect. It would give your outfit a fun feel for whichever color you choose.

13. Powder Blue Baddie Nails

You can achieve these powder blue nails without going to the salon; all you need is adhesive and the press-on varieties.

14. Gray Swarovski Baddie Nail

There’s something about gray that speaks warmth and elegance. If you want to become a baddie, these nails can boost your confidence and complement almost any baddie outfit. You can recreate this look with a bottle of gray nail polish and rock it perfectly without the charms.

15. Valentine-themed Coffin Baddie Nails

We’ve always expected valentine’s colors to be red and white, but these nails prove that black can also be an effective valentine’s color.

16. Golden Snake Vibes Baddie Nails

The snaky design is the main definition of these baddie nails. The nude can be substituted for a creamy white for a more stunning appearance.

17. Jewelry Nails

Nails decorated with jewelry give charm and sophistication to the hands.

18. Baddie Coffin Nails with Rhinestones

Make a statement this season with coffin nails.

19. Ballerina Baddie Nails

There is nothing boring about this set of manicure. The nail’s length, pattern, and definition outline beauty.

20. Swarovski Baddie Nails

This season is about love, so why not show off joy on your nails? It’s fascinating how the different main colors take on different shapes to create this pattern.

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