Dip Nails: 30 Popular Designs to Try in 2023

Manicures done using dip powder are renowned for their longevity and resistance to chipping. The procedure entails dipping the fingertips into colored powder, applying coats of bonder as glue, and finally sealing them with a clear sealant. They are effective on both short and long nails.

While the nail paint hues at the nail salon may be appealing, the selections for dip powder cover the color range as well—and, more crucially, they’ll likely stay two times longer on your nails.

30 Trendy Dip Nails Designs and Colors

After exploring the 30 dip powder nail designs below, you might get inspired to try dip nails.

1. Sunset Ombre Nails Design

This nail design is for the hot girl summer, making your fingers look like they’re on fire. Instead of the two-color shade, this ombre design has three colors: pink fading into red and red fading into yellow. Look closely!!

2. Pine Almond Nails with Stained Glasses 

You will love these nails if you have a thing for restrained elegance. Not all nail designs must call attention to your hands, and this pine green design is that nail. But you can add a little touch of style with the stained glasses. Low key yet stylish!!

3. Pistachio Glitter Nails

Pistachio Glitter Dip Nails
By dips_drinks_diamond

It’s time to flaunt your soft feminine side while capturing the fall look. The glitters started from the pinky finger and faded into the middle finger, and it’s a gorgeous combination of style with the season.

4. Pink Shades with Rose Gold Glitter

This design is so chic and lovely and captures the fingers of an ideal soft girl. You can try this out with various shades of pink, and just don’t forget to sprinkle some rose gold glitter on the index and middle finger. 

5. Black Halloween Design

If you are still wondering how to walk into the spooky season looking elegant and stunning, you should try this design. Black is always classy on nails. But looks even better when combined with stained glass glitter. What’s Halloween without orange color?

6. Glittering French Tips

French mani can never go out of style. You can get creative using various colors. But this one here is a simple design with white glitter. 

7. Purple Ombre Dip Nails Design

This purple glittering ombre design is simply elegant. Not all ombre designs have to be different colors, and monochrome can still look gorgeous. You can snatch this look with any color and alternate it by starting with a darker shade.

8. Mystical Pine Design

There’s no way you’ll wear this look and not get noticed. Pine green flows into pink on the middle finger. The kind of nails you’ll love when sipping cocktails on the beach. 

9. Black and White Glitter Nails

This is yet another glitter design. You can’t get enough glitter when doing the dip nail design. Black and white always give a sophisticated look. The best thing about this design is that it will go with any outfit.

10. Ghost Multi-Color Design

Another one for the Halloween season: a time for weird and spooky outfits. What’s weirder than multi-color nails with swirling ghost nail designs? You can add more colors as you like and paint the other hand with different colors.

11. Black and Red Glitter Design

Black and Red Glitter Design
 By a7x_nails

Red glitter design is always an elegant and adorable choice, and it is so pretty and ideal for any season. Red will always call attention to your hands; if you don’t want that much attention, you can tone it down with black on the other fingers.

12. Minimal Nude Ombre Design

This one is for you if you love nail art that is charming but not-so-glamorous. It is also short, allowing you to carry out your daily routine without fear of chipping your nails. What’s more amazing is that you can recreate this design with little nail art knowledge.

13. Baby Blue Glitter Design

Baby blue is a soft color that is not saturated, making it easy to wear. Blue gives a calm and tranquil vibe, making you feel at peace when you look down at your fingers. You could add the glitters for a more feminine appeal.

14. Light Purple Glitter Design

The glowy magic on this design is so stunning. You may be wondering about how you can recreate this already. It must not be in purple, and you can use the pastel shade of any color. You may need to contact a nail tech!

15. Yellow Dips with Gemstones and Glowy Butterfly

Yellow is such a lively and warm color, and it looks lovely in summer when you’re basking in the sun, and you want to give them a show. You can enhance it even more by adding glowy butterflies and gemstones. 

16. Tripple-Color Ombre Design 

Ombre is usually the combination of two colors, and the blend makes your manicure captivating and gorgeous. However, this design has three colors and still looks awesome. You can replicate this with any combination of colors you prefer, and don’t forget the glitters to make your hands sparkle.

17. Long Pink Stiletto Nails

Pink is brilliant and screams feminine. You don’t have to Nicki Minaj to rock this barbie look. You can have this color on any nail, but it makes a statement when done on stiletto nails. The length gives you enough space to be versatile, and you can add glitter and gemstones. 

18. Fall Dip Nails

This adorable fall manicure can serve as inspiration if you’re in the mood to curl up and drink hot chocolate. Autumnal hues have a warm feel to them. Yellow, red, brown, and orange colors are used in nail art to represent the season when leaves change color. You may use various colors on each nail or get creative with just two.

19. Red Dip Nails

A hot girl is never fully dressed without red nails. And guess what? There’s a shade of red for every woman. Red nail design is typically associated with passion and love, and you can wear a similar shade of red lipstick to give you that sex appeal. 

20. Neutral Sparkle Nails

Going neutral is easy to make your nails look neat and natural. But you can add a bit of style by making the tip pointy and adding glitters to make it sparkle. If you look closely, you will see pretty little bits of pink. Rock it! You’ll love it!

21. Mint Green Dip Nails

Choose a striking color like this minty green because dip powder, which normally works best with more saturated, pigmented colors, lets it show through beautifully. There are different ways to wear this hue, which adds to its attractiveness. You may choose to keep it basic with your preferred shade of green or experiment with the ombre effect.

22. Cobalt Blue Dip Nails

Cobalt is one of the most eye-catching colors, and it gets the chance to glow in a durable dip powder design. There are many shades of blue, but the more intense hues usually make the most impression. You can wear this all year long, and it’s an amazing way to give your hands a fun update.

23. Chic Lavender Dip Nails

Wear a stylish pastel color, such as rich lavender, with confidence that a dip manicure will have excellent pigmentation. To make your manicure the center of attention and let the hue of your nails stand out, it is preferable to dress in simple, neutral colors.

24. Transparent Glittery Dip Nails

For a new spin on neutral, try a clear sparkly polish for your nails rather than just one accent nail. In addition, neutral nails are a simple choice because they work with almost every piece of clothing. It may seem unassuming or maybe a little dull, but there are a ton of gorgeous ways you can use this design.

25. Simple White Dip Nails

Nothing is more vibrant all year round than a set of delicate, white nails. Additionally, lighter shades appear more saturated when applied as dip manicures, so you don’t have to bother about your nail color showing through a translucent, light color like white.

26. Royal Dip Nail Design

This design is all shades of royal. If you feel like a Queen today, you’ll love to wear this. It’s a gorgeous combination of various nail art: multi-color floral glitters, monochromatic ombre design, and three different colors.

27. Checkered Dip Nails

If you’re wearing a solid hue, 60s mod nail painting is a fun way to give your outfit a little rhythm. So, prepare your nail art supplies. Ha! It is better to leave this degree of detail to press-ons, nail wraps, or a nail technician who has plenty of free time to spend with you.

28. Diagonal Tip Dip

Just a little splash of color angled cheekily and irreverently. Try doing this with just one hue, or choose a few and alternate them. You can try it out with this soft and sweet lilac and silver glowy outline.

29. Solid Gold Dip Nails

The ideal option for a glamorous, Hollywood-style wedding is gold nails. If bright gold isn’t your preferred metal, consider a silver, rose gold, or bronze metallic polish.

30. Fine Lines Nail Art

A sheer manicure might benefit from some modern intrigue added in the form of fine, minimalist lines. Even though the lines are so fine, black and white will always look good, and any color will also work.