Coffin Nails: 30 Designs to Try in 2023

Coffin nails are also known as “ballerina’s nails” because they resemble wooden pointe shoes or coffins. However, they differ from the traditional square shape in that the tips of the nails are slightly narrower with a flat edge.

If you’ve been paying attention to nail trends, you’ve probably noticed that coffin nails, like almond nails, are trendy right now. Even when they’re not trending, most celebrities wear them regularly. Because of their length, some consider this style to be better for nail veterans, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying them.

Coffin Nail Design Ideas

Looking for some inspo? Keep reading for some must-try coffin nail designs (and some surprising colors) to bring to your nail tech at your next appointment.

1. Powerpuff Design Coffin Nails

You might go for these nails if you love the power puff girls show. They are colorful, beautiful, and powerful, just like the show. It is the ideal nail for that bright outfit.

2. Dollar Design Coffin Nails

We all love money but do you love them enough to wear them on your nails? This dollar set is unusual and beautiful. Prove how much you love money and wear them everywhere. 

3. Heart Tips Coffin Nails

The pink nails with heart tips are so cute. The white tips with heart details are simply lovely, and this will add spice to any outfit you choose to wear.

4. Rhinestone Coffin Nails

The rhinestone pattern nail set screams elegance and class. Wearing it daily might seem excessive, but it’s your choice and your aesthetic so go for it!

5. Golden Gators Coffin Nails

It looks just as dangerous as its name but gorgeous enough to make you the life of the party. The gold details might cost a little more than usual, but it looks worth every penny. 

6. Brown Chrome Nails Coffin Nails

The brown color on this nail design is simply unmatched. It’s a perfect blend of nude and brown. Should we explain that brown is seen as the color of stability and health in many Western cultures? If you want to leave a lasting impression, these might be the inspiration you need.

7. Animal Print Nail Tips 

On these nails alone, I can see how prints and zebra prints, and leopard prints. Coupled with the baby pink base, this is a great match. This is for anyone that loves natural prints.

8. Blue Intergalactic Coffin Nails

Another intergalactic nail for the out-of-the-world baddies. This time make it a coffin. The deep blue color reminds me of the sky on a rainy night. This piece exhibited a little more creativity and thinking.

9. Valentines Heart Coffin Nails

Cute cute cute! The color combo is so cute. The different shades of pink mixed with white and the chrome design on the third finger. Pink manicures may not seem like a daring design decision, but even if pink is your favorite hue, you may still choose a dramatic manicure.

10. Ghoul Coffin Nails

Halloween is around the corner, and nobody should make it boring. These nails are quite the opposite of boring. Each of the five nails has a different style, except for the color green. It is a cute way to mix spooky and stylish.

11. Black Stones Coffin Nails

Another classy elegant set, but make it dark. The feature nail is a modest yet stylish way to make a statement, and often the greatest nail art is the most wearable. This manicure style will make your nails stand out and be perfect for special occasions. 

12. Triple Combo Coffin Nails

Everyone has what works for them. This particular design, regardless of the combo, is a simple set that would fit in any outfit or occasion. This is definitely for you if you aren’t looking for anything fancy or too much.

13. Pearl Frenchies Coffin Nails

This French set is simply elegant. The style is ideal for various events, from casual to formal, and is simple enough to replicate in the convenience of your own home with minimal effort.  Can you see the little pearls on the side of the fourth finger? Stunning!!

14. Haunted House Nail Design

Another Halloween set that is simple to die for. The attention to detail on this set is incredible. This set will always make a statement regardless of what you wear for Halloween. It has all the spooky elements you need for a wild Halloween.

15. Blue Chrome Nail Design

If your favorite color is blue, then this is for you! This can also pass for a Halloween set because if you look closely into one of the nails, you can see a monster. Or maybe that’s just me. 

16. Pink And Orange Stich Design

Another spooky Halloween design. Different colors and patterns produce a vibrant and festive aesthetic that is perfect for Halloween, and you can even combine different tones and patterns to get a completely unique look.

17. Flower Coffin Nails

This orange set is beautiful, and you will be even more beautiful once you try this.  You could also want to play with odd shapes and patterns or add a few tiny leaf-shaped nail designs for a more abstract style.

18. Snowdrop White Coffin Nails

There’s so much going on in this set, it’s simply out of the world. Each nail is a different design to wow you. It makes me wonder how long it took to make this particular set. Why don’t you try it and let me know?

19. Classy Spooky Coffin Nails

This looks like something the gothic lovers would eat up (or not). But don’t limit yourself. Always try something new, and you can start with this!

20. Fall Nail Design

Fall nails, but make it spooky and cute. The color and blend of these nails are perfect together. The butterfly and leaves details add icing to the top.

21. Mixed Nude Coffin Nails

They almost look like a bridal set. I recommend this if you’re looking for something simple and cute for weddings or events. You can never go wrong with something like this.

22. Glitter Chrome Coffin Nails

Easy to use, easy to pull off nails. These are simply to have. The color, the glitter, the stones, the blend? Muah.

23. Long Crocodile Nails

Another crocodile nail, but a little longer. These are probably the length of the animal itself. The details are incredible. I hope your nail tech can pull this off because they’re awesome.

24. Black And White Coffin Nails

Black and white with little crosses? I’d like to say they represent good and bad. But that’s just me. Try this set and find out. It’s a twist to the regular french manicure.

25. Chanel Design Coffin Nails

As beautiful as this is, the length could be a problem depending on how good you are with nails and what you plan to use your hands for. But don’t let that stop you. Chanel girls are concerned with matters as such.

26. Bad Bunny Nail Design

This could pass as a halloween set, depending on what you’re going for. The red details show blood and an evil heart. This design is stunning and spooky.

27. Spider Web Nail Design

For your artwork, long nails are the best option since they provide you with more room for creativity. You can experiment with various designs like the cobwebs on this set. Additionally, they can elongate the finger and give you a feminine look.

28. Butterfly Nails

Cow prints butterflies? This is definitely something you don’t see often. If you love any of these animals or both and you don’t mind wearing them, then go for this look.

29. Rainbow Medusa Coffin Nails

Rainbow Medusa Coffin Nails
By @vo.tino

Rainbow Medusa set! This is super cool and anyone wearing these nails is definitely making a statement that’s hard to ignore. You can also rock this look during the halloween season.

30. Billie Eilish Coffin Nails

If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish, then you shouldn’t have a problem identifying with her brand color. She’s beautiful and brave, just like these nails are.