Winter 2023 Nails – 55 Trendy Designs

Winter is here, and the nails get dull and unattractive. The dryness and coldness in the air get even the healthiest of nails. Nail designs are a great way to enhance your beauty. Winter nails are perfect for winter months (December, January, and February).

Asides from taking healthy care of your nails, you can enhance their looks with the latest nail designs.

We’ve put together 50 different winter-themed nail designs that you can try. They range from simple to intricate and are perfect for any occasion.

Beautiful Winter Nail Ideas and Colors

Whether going to a Christmas party or staying home and binge-watching your favorite show, you can try any of these designs.

1. Early Winter Nails

Embrace the ethereal beauty of winter with this enchanting Pearl Frost nail design. These exquisite nails shimmer with delicate pearls arranged in intricate patterns, resembling the delicate snowflakes that dance through the frosty air. The soft, cool tones of winter are captured in a captivating palette of icy whites and shimmering silvers, creating a mesmerizing effect that will leave you breathless.

2. December Winter Nails

Step into a winter wonderland with these Green December Winter Nails adorned with enchanting winter designs. Immerse yourself in the lush green hues reminiscent of evergreen trees, evoking a sense of natural beauty and holiday cheer.

Each nail is meticulously crafted with delicate snowflakes, snow-covered branches, and shimmering ornaments, capturing the spirit of the season. You can get these in any color of your choice! I’d say go red and gold if you want a more festive look.

3. January Winter Nails

January Nails

Indulge in the serene beauty of January Winter Nails, where nude elegance meets deep blues and delicate flowery details. No better way to welcome the tranquillity of the winter season than with captivating nail designs that seamlessly blend soft nude shades, reminiscent of freshly fallen snow, with cool, enchanting blues that mirror the frost-kissed landscapes. Delicate floral accents add a touch of whimsy, bringing a hint of springtime anticipation amidst the winter chill.

4. February Winter Nails

Deep red hues are perfect for February months. Make a bold statement Oxblood Winter Nails. Dive into the depths of winter with the rich, sultry allure of oxblood, a deep, luscious hue that exudes confidence and elegance.

Deep red nails not only create a striking contrast against the frosty landscapes, but they’re also a perfect choice for the romantic Valentine’s season.

Nude nails with heart shapes are also a fabulous choice for February if you desire a touch of design. The subtle allure of nude hues provides a versatile backdrop, while the charming heart shapes add a playful and heartfelt accent.

cute february nails

If you’re looking to go all out in February, we recommend this stunning pink nail design by @elisagalilea_nails.

5. Early March Nails

Welcome the arrival of early March, where winter bids farewell and the vibrant hues of spring beckon, with this alluring Purple Swirl Nails. Set against a sophisticated nude background, these nails exude a sense of understated elegance.

The swirling patterns in mesmerizing shades of purple dance gracefully, hinting at the energy of the upcoming season. To add a touch of opulence, delicate gold hues adorn the design, casting a warm and radiant glow.

6. Pink Nail Design

Pink Winter Nail Design

 By madam_glam

This pink nail is beautiful and easy to recreate. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting many different colors of nail polish.

7. Blue Nail

blue winter nail designs

By dmnails.77

Blue nail art is perfect for any season, but the coolness of blue makes it great for colder months. One advantage is that they don’t quickly get messy. To DIY, you only need a blue color palette and a thin brush to apply. You can use white nail polish and a toothpick dipped in blue nail polish to create the swirl effect.

8. White Nail

White Winter Nail Design

By feeling _good_by_sara

White nail designs are always great for winter due to their clean and elegant look. The color is bright and will add some life to your hands.

9. Peach Nail

Peach Winter Nail Design

By nailz_by_cindy

Peach nails give a fresh and cheerful look during the cold and icy months. To recreate, you would need a peach color palette and colorful glitters. I would wear this nail design in February/March in anticipation of summer!

10. Black Nail

dark winter nail colors

By nails_by_dallal

Black nails are lovely and simple for the winter season. Indeed, black is beautiful! They don’t get stained quickly, so you don’t have to worry about your nails throughout the season.

11. Orange Tip Nail

Orange Winter Nail Design

By usanailbar_paisley

Try out this orange tip nail design to keep your nails looking fresh, trendy, and eye-catching this season. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the significance of orange, which includes enthusiasm, joy and strength.

12. Rainbow Nail

Rainbow Winter Nail Design

By vmae_nails

A mix of these rainbow colors and glitter polish brings out the holiday spirit of the winter seasons. Who’s ready to have fun?

13. Red Velvet Nail

Red Velvet Winter Nail Design

By mariselanails.1

Red velvet is another significant color for winter. It’s festive and fun. This nail design is perfect for December and early January.

14. Marshmallow Nail

Marshmallow Winter Nail Design

By instabellezanails

Marshmallows are significant during winter for their fluffy texture. This nail art is superb and adds a touch of fun to their nails.

15. Chocolate Swirl Nail

Chocolate Swirl Winter Nail Design

By nailsxflower

For a delicious and decadent nail art design, try this chocolate swirl nail. This nail art is perfect for those who want to add a touch of sweetness to their nails.

16. Black and White Nails

Monochrome Winter Nail Design

By nails_by_blancav

If you want something that is both stylish and sophisticated this winter season, then try this black and white design. This nail art adds a touch of class to nails.

17. Butterfly Nail

Butterfly Winter Nail Design

By cdanails

How cute is this?! This design is perfect for those who want something that is both feminine and stylish. Butterfly nails are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your nails

18. Disco Nail

Disco Winter Nail Design

By nails.icure

It may be challenging to party at this time of the year when darkness falls at four. This is a chance to enjoy a disco, having adored your nails with this glittering touch of colors.

19. Brown Nail

Brown Winter Nail Color

By nailsalonwiz

For a classic winter nail design, then brown is the perfect shade. It’s neutral and goes with everything, plus it’s ideal for those who don’t like to wear too much color on their nails.

20. Gold Glitter Nail

Gold Glitter Winter Nail Design

By didisnail

TBH, all that glitters is gold, LOL. Gold is a chic and elegant color and looks amazing on nails. It’s perfect for those who want to add glamour to their look.

21. Tortoise Shell Nail

Tortoise Winter Nail Design

By gelxbybre

Tortoiseshell nails is a classic design that always looks chic. If you want a more unique nail design in winter, go for this tortoiseshell print.

22. Blue Sky Nail

Blue Winter Nail Design

By rapinderkaur8363

It’s just so exciting looking up to the sky this season, only to look down to see a replica of the sky on your fingers. This will definitely put a smile on your face.

23. Enchanted Forest Nail

Green Winter Nail Design

By niki21.insta

This design features a mystical forest scene, perfect for wintertime. The deep green hue is accented with sparkling white details.

24. Very Peri Nail

light winter nail colors

By naildesign_ideas

While very peri is the pantone colour of this year, it also brightens up your fingers during this winter season. It’s also great for people that don’t fancy eye-catching colours.

25. Motif Nail Design

Motif Winter Nail Design

By nailedit_by_tiffany

This is one of the most popular trends in winter nails. You can go for a simple design like these flowers or you can get more complex with your design. You may also want to add some rhinestones to your nails for extra sparkle.

26. Gold and Black Ombre Nail

Ombre Winter Nail Design

By bossbeautyuk

Other than having glitters all over your nails, gold and black ombre glitter also gives a cheerful look this season. To recreate, keep in mind that the glitters are thicker at the tip of the nails. 

27. Sparkly Silver Nail

coffin winter nail designs

By nailedbyyans

You can also go for a more subdued look by painting your nails in a sparkly silver color. This is a great choice if you want to wear your nails to a formal event.

28. Nude Nail

long winter nail designs

By nailzbymarlene_

Nude nails are perfect for winter as they look chic. Depending on your preference, you can either go for a light shade or a dark shade.

29. Ice Dream Nail

winter nail art

By baybabyval

Winter is an icy season, and this simple ice nail will fit in perfectly for the season.

30. Christmas Nail

Christmas Winter Nail Design

By jenny.nailsd

This Christmas nail design adds a touch of holiday cheer to your look. The design is festive and will definitely put you in the holiday spirit.

31. Reindeer Nail

Reindeer Winter Nail Design

By nailsmyth

A mix of this purple and pink reindeer nail art gives a refreshing feel of Christmas.

32. Polka Dot Nail

Almond Nail Design

By hilarydawnherrera

This polka-dotted nail looks unique with the whole green and red dotted colors. They also fill in to give the Christmas vibes, as you may not really be free to re-do your nails on Christmas day. 

33. Silver Holo Glitters Nail

Silver Winter Nail Design

By hiranails17

Who doesn’t love glitter? Silver holo glitter nails are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re going to a party or just want to add some sparkle to your nails. 

34. Sweater Nail

Long Coffin Nail Design

By _breesnails

This design is perfect for those who want to rock a gothic look this winter. The base color is a deep, dark brown with sweater accents.

35. Stellar Nail

Blue Almond Nail Design

By eleventhhour_beauty

Who wouldn’t want to have a celestial look this winter! This nail design gives a fulfilling winter vibe that everyone would love to have. It’s not complicated to recreate and wouldn’t take much of your time. 

36. Black Tip Nail

Black Winter Nail Design

By _gnailsss

Painting a black-tip nail may not seem eye-catchy for some people. However, they are adorable and a good fit for winter periods.

37. Winter Pingu Nail

Winter Pingu Nail Design

By michaellamazzone

Penguins are quite elegant. Painting them on your nails during winter adds a touch of glamour on your nails.

38. Grey Nail

Grey Winter Nail Design

By theangelstouch_

Gray is another great neutral shade that works well for winter. It gives a sophisticated look and goes with just about every outfit.

39. Nude and White Glitter Nail 

Nude Glitter Winter Nail Design

By jamilas_nailsandbeauty

This design is all about glitter! It features a shiny nude base with sparkly silver and white accents.

40. Polar Bear Nail Art

Polar Bear Nail Design

By itsthevietgirlsnailart

What is winter without a polar bear? Polar bear nails look exceptionally beautiful.

41. Frosty Snow Nail

Snow Winter Nail Design

By jenny.nailsd

This design is cool and icy! It features a light blue base with white accents that look like icicles.

42. Purple Nail

New Ombre Nail Design

By nailsbykirstenchanel

For haters of multi-color shades of nails, painting a purple-only shade looks great.

43. Geometric Nail

Geometric Nail Art

By nailsrevolutions_official

Swirly nails may have run a good race last year, however, they will have to give space to accommodate this gorgeous geometric nail art. To combine other color shades, I recommend using colors that match so they don’t look all rowdy.

44. Burgundy Nail

Burgundy Nail Color

By jbepolished

Burgundy is another great color for winter. It’s rich, deep and looks amazing

45. Winter Wonderland Nail

Winter Wonderland Nail Art

By yazzy.nails

The beauty of a winter wonderland inspires this design. It features a sparkling silver snowflake and reindeer on a light blue background.

46. Snowman Nail

Snow Winter Nail Design

By simply_press_ons

Make everyone around you blue in envy when you show up with this snowman nail design ready for the winter season.

47. Green and White Swirl Nail

Swirl Nail Design

By helensnail_twickenham

Green nails are cute but, adding a white swirl takes your green nails from cute to fantastic. That’s the energy we are bringing in for winter 2022.

48. Doughnut Nail

Doughnut Nail Design

By dre.s.nail

Can’t make a decision on a particular winter design? Play around with different doughnuts on your nails.

49. Lemon Tip Nail

Yellow Winter Nail Design

By missmelimel29

The lemon tip nail is gorgeous and can go with any outfit this season.

50. Pale Green Tip Nail

Green Tip Nail Art

 By nailsbytaleig

You can also go for a more subdued look by painting your nails pale green This is a great choice if you want to wear your nails to a formal event.

51. Gold Chrome Squiggles Nail Art

Gold Chrome Nail Design

By the_pamper_nest

Pairing a light skin shade with gold chrome squiggles will be great for a cool-looking contrast this winter season.

52. Purple And Blue Nail

Purple Winter Nail Design

By maensilz

Instead of having just one or multiple colors this season, painting two color shades which comprise purple and blue is never a bad idea. It will look amazing as seen.

53. Marble Nail

Marble Nail Design

By unghiicugelbrasov

Nail art for winter doesn’t always have to be red, blue and green. Marble nails are often understated during this season,  yet they have a great look and can match any outfit.

54. Candy Cane Nail

Candy Winter Nail Design

By adoreaxo

While wearing candy cane nail art, you can match them with your favorite holiday lollipops, cupcakes or other treats.

55. Santa Claus Nail Art

Red Winter Nail Design

By pari_sa_nailtech

Think about the huge number of comments you’ll get when you have this design on your nail for winter. This Santa Claus beard design will go a long way in putting your nails on the gorgeous list.