Solar Nails: The Ultimate Guide

Recently, there has been talking around me about this suddenly raging nail type known as Solar nails and you know me, I have to check it out.

Solar Nails
Solar Nails Image by jaridesignnails

So I bought a kit, tested the products, and did my manicure and I can now be a part of the people preaching the gospel about solar nails.

SolarOil Acrylic Nail Kit
CND Enhancement Retention Liquid Powder Starter Pack + SolarOil Acrylic Nail Kit

If you’re a fan of nails and have been keeping up with the latest trends, you’ve probably come across solar nails too but you don’t know yet what it is.

No need to go too far to get this important information, I’m here to give it to you. In their article, I’m going to be discussing what solar manicure is and their advantages and disadvantages.

What are Solar Nails?

Solar Nail
Image by missrosanne

Solar nails are not as new on the block as you think they might be. They’ve been around since the 70s but keep getting mistaken for french tips due to their similar appearance.

Solar nails are a type of acrylic manufactured only by Creative Nail Design (CND). Solar nail is often mistaken for SNS or even acrylics but there is a difference in application.

How to Get Solar Nails Done

Always remember to prepare your nails before getting anything done. This is not a step you should miss or forget. It can spell the success or doom of your manicure.

After nail prep, the pink solar gel mixture is put directly on the nail bed, before the white is put onto the tip.

The finished product is very similar to a French nail, but it is not quite as natural looking. You can get this done at home without wasting money on a salon trip.

Solar nails can be filed into any shape and length and in recent times, people have started using designs at the tip instead of leaving it at the normal white.

Solar nails are stronger and more durable, low maintenance, and have a sexy glossy finish. But are there any side effects? What are the benefits too?

Advantages of Solar Nails

Solar nails are gaining popularity because of the following benefits:

1. Durable

Solar nails are made from a mixture of acrylic and gel, making them more durable and solid than other artificial nail materials.

They can last for more than three weeks which is more than you will get with most manicures. 

Even if your hands are constantly exposed to moisture, the nails are less likely to chip or break under such conditions.

2. Low Maintenance

Solar Nails need a refill after three weeks, which is almost double that of acrylics. This reduces the weight on your pockets and gives you breaks in between appointments.

3. Do Not Need UV Light

Solar nails do not need to be cured under UV light, unlike most gel nails. They air dry, so you don’t have to pay extra for curing.

You also reduce your risk of skin cancer which is a very good thing.

4. Easier to Remove

When removing other gel nails, you may have to file down the remnant and end up injuring your natural nail in the process.

With solar nails, only a 15 minutes soak in acetone and you’re good to go. The nail should fall off without any damage or pain to your nail beds.

5. Protective

Solar nails aren’t extensions but are applied directly to the nail bed so they act as a protective layer for your natural nails.

Clear solar nails can give the appearance of your natural, making them preferable to acrylics 

Disadvantages of Solar Nails

1. Chemical Usage

The chemicals used in making the nails can cause allergic reactions and the pure acetone used to soak them off dehydrates the natural nails.

2. Heavy

Solar nails can be thicker and heavy on the hands and take some time to get used to. This is uncomfortable for those not used to having something on their nails.

Due to the extra weight, your nails might feel sore after a long day of hard work.

3. Visible Nail Growth

After two weeks, your natural nails start to grow out and there will be a visible line between your natural and your solar nails. You can avoid this by getting a fill every three weeks or so.

4. Limited

Solar nails are only available at limited places for exclusive use. Because of this, there is a big possibility that you will get duped trying to buy one.

5. Infection Risks

As with all artificial nails, there is that little risk of infection with solar nails. If there is constant use without breaks in between, your nail beds will get harmed.

How to Maintain Solar Nails

There are a few things you can do to keep your solar nails looking fresh for as long as six weeks. 

Refill your nails regularly so they don’t start breaking or cracking. Keep your hands clean and wear gloves when cooking or cleaning.

You can use clear gel polish over your nails if you’re seeing cracks or you want to maintain the glossy finish.

Lastly, invest in nourishing hand creams. Try cuticle oils and nail cream to keep everything looking new.

FAQs on What Are Solar Nails?

How long do solar nails last?

With solar nails, there is no chipping or breaking. You only need to go in for a refill in three weeks. After removal, your nails do not get stained.

What is the difference between gel and solar nails?

Solar nails are made of polymethyl methacrylate while gel nails are made of polymer resins. Solar nails are air-dried while gel nails are cured by UV light.

Can you soak off solar nails?

You can soak off your solar nails either using acetone or normal nail polish remover. Soak your solars for 15 to 20 minutes.

Why do my solar nails lift?

Some errors that can lead to lifting include over-filing, failure to prepare the nails properly, overusing or underusing primer, and applying too close to the cuticle.

Are solar nails healthy?

Solar nails use chemicals, so they are not eco-friendly. Pregnant women should avoid solar nails.