Switching Up Your Nail Colour and Length During a Fill: Is it Possible?

Filling your nails with the same old colour of acrylic can be boring; many people don’t like wearing one colour for a long time. So when next you go to the salon to refill your nails, you can change the look of your old acrylic nails by picking a different refill colour.

Acrylic filling is important because it treats the acrylic regrowth at the base of your nails while also allowing you to change the colour of the refill. You might be tempted to get your nails filled in with a brand-new, attractive colour. However, keep in mind how long you’ve had your nails done before going for a refill.

Is It Possible To Change The Colour And Length During A Fill?

Nail fill with color change
Nail Fill
Image by Avneet Samra

Yes, it is possible to change the colour and length of your nails when you get them filled. Many nail salons offer the option to change the colour of your nails during a fill service. However, it is important to note that the process may take longer and may require an additional fee.

Changing the colour of acrylic nails is extremely simple, whether you intend to return to the salon or fill your own nails. You or the nail technician only need to prepare your nails for the new colour before beginning.

Changing the nails’ length or shape is also a simple process that may be done. Filling the nails, as usual, is acceptable, but in most cases, if you want to change their length or shape, you must first remove the previous manicure and then fill the space left by the growth.

Here are some things you should know before getting your nails filled in a different colour.

It’s not Recommended to Fill Very Old Nails

Depending on how well your current nails are doing, you can typically get away with just a fill if they are in good condition or if you have them on for a short period of time. However, if they’re broken or chipped, or if you’ve worn them for a very long time, you could need a fresh set.

As your manicure might have already lost its strength and will easily fall off, costing you time and money and, in some cases, causing damage to your natural nails, if you’ve kept your nails on longer than is recommended before getting infills, you might need to remove them and get a new set done.


Refilling your nails is a good idea, but it can consume a lot of time and is almost as expensive as getting them done from scratch. So instead of reapplying that nude acrylic powder you used before, you can go with lavender to make your nails look different.

Steps For Changing The Filling Colour Of Your Acrylic Nails

Here are clear instructions on how to safely fill your acrylic nails with another colour.

1. Prepare The Nails For A Colour Change

Use a polish remover or alcohol wipe to clean the nails and remove any existing polish. Use a nail file to gently remove the old coats of lacquer.

2. File And Shape The Nails

Old nails usually chip or crack at the edge, so give your nails the desired length and shape, use a nail file, and smooth the rough edge. Also, file the surface of old acrylic nails to make room for filling; if the previous acrylic was a light shade like clear or white, not much filling is needed. But in cases where the previous acrylic was a dark shade, the filling should go all the way down.

3. Apply A Base Coat

This is critical for protecting the nails from the acrylic powder. So before any acrylic powder application, apply your base coat.

4. Apply New Colour Gradually In Layers

Apply the acrylic; only a little of the newly selected powder should be used at first. You can apply a second layer when the first one has completely dried.

5. Apply A Top Coat

This is the last step of product application to prevent the colour from fading. A top coat is used to protect the acrylic polish. This also gives the nail a glossy or matte finish.

6. Dry Properly Using A Curing Machine

After the nails have dried, don’t forget to clean the fingers and apply cuticle oil to the nails and fingers; this will help heal and prevent the fingers from peeling.

When getting your nails filled, you can change the colour by choosing a more striking colour, from nude to cherry, or from one colour to an ombre. You can try anything, depending on the style you want to achieve. Just remember not to refill nails you have had for a long time, as the nail might be too weak for the new refill, which could lead to a waste of time and money.

Changing the colour of your nails when getting them filled is a terrific way to stay current with fashion and express yourself, whether you want something subtle or something bold. So don’t be frightened to experiment with your nail colour.