How to Fix a Broken Nail – 6 Easy Methods

This can occur due to your nail becoming entangled in something or as a result of finger trauma. Serious breaks can also cause damage to the nail bed and matrix, where the cells that make up the nail are produced.

Some people experience a wrenching sensation of disappointment when a nail breaks. An unintentional split might cause you to lose all your progress, especially if you’re determined to grow out of those tips. Sad, maybe, but it doesn’t mean you have to start over from scratch.

Don’t freak out the next time your nail breaks. You have several options for repairing the damage. Even if breaking a nail hurts, your look should not suffer.

What Are the Ways To Fix a Broken Nail?

There are different methods by which you can fix a broken nail. These methods work for your natural nails that you might be trying to grow naturally or artificial nails. These methods depend on your materials and how far you are willing to go.

1. Use a Teabag

The tea bag is one of the oldest and most popular methods. Before you start, always ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly and clean them with a clean towel. When washing your hands, be careful with the broken nail. 

With a file, gently file any snags, but avoid the split itself. Then trim a tea bag to the size of a small patch that can cover the break in the nails. Apply a thick layer of clear polish to the fractured nail. Use a pair of tweezers to carefully lay the trimmed tea bag over the damaged portion of the nail while the clear lacquer is still sticky. Using the tweezer’s tip, press the patch into place.

Let it air dry. After that, apply another one or two coats of transparent polish to the nail. Once the clear polish has cured, you can polish it with the color of your choice to camouflage the teabag.

For this method, you can use glue to stick the teabag on the broken nail instead of clear nail polish. You’re also not limited to teabags alone. Depending on the resources you currently have, there are several other options.

2. Fingernail Glue

You can use fingernail glue (Usually used to attach fake nails or tips) to reattach the broken part of your nail.

  • A tiny amount of nail glue should be squeezed into the region where the nail has broken off and spread out to produce a thin coating.
  • For 30 to 60 seconds, gently but firmly press the broken piece of nail onto the area where it broke off. Using a Q-tip or cotton ball, remove any excess glue.
  • To smooth out the nail, use a file or buffer.
  • Apply a thin layer of the protective coating when the adhesive has cured (such as a clear base coat of nail polish).

3. Gel Silk Method

A silk wrap is also a viable option. The liquid and pre-cut silk wrap will adhere to the nail in a similar manner to a bandage or first aid wrap. Add a layer of gel nail paint on top to reinforce the bandage and add extra protection. It’s that easy.

4. Cut and File It

If possible, simply snip off the broken nail and file it down. If the break occurred in an unusual location, it might continue to break, so cutting and filing may be necessary. So, to avoid future damage, it may be best to sacrifice length for nail health. It is preferable to keep the nail natural without any procedure.

You’ll probably have to file the rest of your nails down to keep them all looking even, which may be more painful than the break for those who prefer long tips.

5. Dip Powder Procedure

If the break prevents you from getting a dip powder manicure, this entails covering the broken nail with nail adhesive before preparing the region for the dip powder. Then, to completely cover the nail plate, you’ll apply two to three coats of base.

Then, you’ll finish with seal protection to harden the area before finalizing the nail with any polish of your choice.

6. Clear Nail Tip

If the idea of filing down your entire mani makes you cringe, don’t worry: you can use a clear nail tip on the split nail while leaving the others alone. Simply break the split nail, file it down, and apply the clear tip on the top.

Cut the tip to the desired length, apply your polish, and you’re done! Nobody will notice the split natural nail beneath. When it’s the same length as your other tips, remove your finger from the faux nail, and it’ll be as if the unfortunate break never happened.

What Causes Your Nails to Break?

Your fingers are involved in many activities daily, so your nails can break in plenty of ways. Here are a few typical reasons why nails break:

  • Continuous contact with moisture can weaken and soften the nail.
  • Age-related or malnutrition-related nail brittleness or weakening.
  • Fake nail glue can cause harm or weakening.
  • Habitually picking or chewing at nail tears or chips.
  • Having a door slam on your finger.
  • The nail might become considerably more damaged if a little chip or split gets snagged on clothes or other items.
  • Infections caused by an ingrown nail from improper trimming
  • Having conditions like psoriasis or nail deformity can affect nail material.

How To Prevent Nails From Breaking

Here are some tips to prevent nail injury or breakage:

  • Please wash your hands frequently and keep them dry.
  • Avoid biting or picking at your nails.
  • Keep your nails short by routinely trimming or clipping them. This can stop them from snagging and keep debris from accumulating beneath the nail.
  • When working with your hands, put on gloves or other safety gear.
  • Use only your nail clippers. Avoid sharing personal items like that with others.
  • Avoid getting false nails and use nail polish remover often. Your nail may weaken or deteriorate as a result.

Tips And Warnings

It’s relatively easy to fix a broken nail, but mistakes may also happen. There are some things to consider if you pick the tea bag approach. First, make sure the tea bag is transparent and completely soaked. If it’s not, it can produce an unwanted air pocket. It doesn’t look good, and if dirt or bacteria gets underneath, it can grow or lead to infection.

However, you should also check the tea bag once a week (i.e., remove your polish to check) to ensure there are no air pockets. If you notice a bubble of air, don’t be alarmed—it happens! Just wet the tea bag off and start over. Keep watching until the split or crack grows out to an area where you can safely trim it off.


Can You Put a Broken Nail Back Together?

Unfortunately, if you catch your nail on anything and it comes off, it won’t grow back immediately, but it will eventually. It will take around six months for the nail to grow back out if it has separated from the nail bed.

Do I Need to Cut Off a Fractured Fingernail?

Large tears should either have the detached portion cut off, or the nail left alone. Tape or use an adhesive bandage to the nail until it is long enough to cover the finger or toe. If you clip it off, you won’t have to worry much about the broken nail catching and ripping.

Should I Visit the Hospital If My Nail Is Broken?

You should see an urgent care facility or the emergency hospital for more severe nail damage. They will clean the wound and prevent bleeding. Typically, medication will be used to numb the nail, finger, or toe before treatment.

Fix It!

Nail injuries are common and usually treatable at home. If the break affects the nail bed or a large portion of the nail, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. 

Most nail fractures are insignificant and do not need medical attention, especially if only the tip of your nail is broken. However, it can be really painful if your nail penetrates your nail bed. If this occurs, check for infection symptoms, including redness, swelling, and discomfort, and visit your doctor if any appear.