Nail Tips Vs Acrylics: Differences You Should Know

Having statement nails have become a norm and people have adapted to using extensions and fake nail materials to create their preferred look. Nail tips and acrylics are examples of those false nails.

Nail tips and acrylics can be used to hide short, damaged, and unattractive nails, offering protection and allowing them to grow without splitting, which is another reason people fix them regularly.

However, both of these examples are not the same so in this article, we’ll be exploring these differences and some advantages and disadvantages.

What are Nail Tips?

Nails Tips
Nails Tips
Image by clawsby.chass

Nail tips are a kind of false extension that is attached to the natural nail using nail glue or an adhesive. They are made with a variety of materials including acrylic, fiberglass, silk, and gel.

They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs and are usually more expensive than other types of false nails. 

Some nail tips cover some sections of the nail (like the tip or from the middle) while others are used in the full nail. After application, some nail treatment is used to make them more robust. 

Nail tips are very susceptible to breaking and chipping, so they require more care than other manicures, but they offer a beautiful and long-lasting stay.

What are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Nails
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Acrylics are one of the most demanded nail extensions. They are made from a  mixture of a powder polymer and liquid to form a blob.

That blob is then applied to the natural nails using nail forms or used to thicken a nail tip. It is sculpted into the desired shape and allowed to harden.

Acrylics are long-lasting and can be filed into a variety of shapes. They can last for weeks with regular maintenance and proper care.

Acrylics are perfect for people who want to add length with a sprinkle of drama to their natural nails.

Differences Between Nail Tips and Acrylics

1. Application

The applications for both of these nail types are different but can be intertwined and I’ll explain how.

To apply nail tips, the extension is glued to the natural nail. Then, gel polish or acrylics can be used on it to thicken the extension and provide some rigidity.

This is where the application of a nail tip is intertwined with that of acrylics. 

To do an acrylic nail, the powder (usually colored) is mixed with the liquid, then sculpted on the natural nail or a nail tip (again, an appearance). 

2. Appearance

Nail tips are more natural looking because they are fixed mostly on the tip of the natural nail, before being coated with a nail treatment, so they follow the natural curve of your nails.

3. Toxicity

Nail tips are pre-formed extensions made from materials like fiberglass and silk, so they do not contain chemicals that emit strong odors that are harmful to a person.

Acrylics are molded with chemical powder and liquid, which emits strong fumes that may be strong enough cause an allergic reaction.

4. Durability

Nail tips can come off easily as they are not glued to the full nail, so they last shorter than acrylic nails. Acrylics, on the other hand, are molded over the full fingernail, so they are more durable than nail tips.

5. Damage

Nail tips cause little damage to the nail bed and do not disturb the growth of the natural nail. Acrylics, if not fixed or maintained properly, can cause an infection.

The rigidity of acrylics can also damage the nail bed if there was some trauma to the finger. Lastly, the process of removal of acrylics can damage the cuticles and natural nails.

Also, there is a high amount of filing when fixing acrylics and this can result in the thinning of the natural nail. As for nail tips, a minimal amount of filing is required so it doesn’t cause excess thinning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nail Tips

As always, a product always has a good and a bad side. The many advantages of nail tips include their easy-to-use nature, minimal damage, and effortless beauty.

Some of the negative points on nail tips are that they don’t last very long and can be very pricey, meaning you’re going to be getting less value for your money

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylics

Acrylics are very popular false nail options and they last very long too. They provide some protection for the natural nail and can be styled in many ways.

However, it takes a long time to get a new set of acrylics and they can damage your natural nails. The chemicals used for acrylics pose a health hazard.

Tips are a great way to add short-term length and fullness to your nails, while acrylics can provide more durability. Before you make your choice, be informed so you don’t regret your decision later.

FAQs on Nail Tips Vs Acrylics

How long do acrylics last?

Acrylics are very strong and with the right care, they will last three weeks after which your natural nails will start to grow out. 

You can get your acrylics to last longer with regular fill-ins and maintenance.

Do nail tips ruin your nails?

While they do not pose any immediate threat to your natural nails, if you do not take breaks in between your manicures, they can leave your nails looking thin and brittle.

Can you do nail tips without acrylics?

If acrylics are not your preferred option, you can use gel polish to complete your look by using small amounts in multiple layers over the nail tips. 

Can nail tips fall off?

Nail tips can snap, break, or come off as a whole when put under some pressure. It may also be due to air bubbles that were formed when the glue was applied to the nail. 

That would prevent the tip from having a firm bond with the natural nail.