How to Make Short Nails Look Fabulous: 10 Expert Tips

When we think of pretty nails, our minds quickly flash to a set of long well-manicured and polished-looking nails. But, we fail to realize that not everyone likes wearing long nails. Some people don’t have the time to fix their nails every week, while others prefer shorter nails for the freedom it allows in getting chores done.

If you are looking for what you can do to make your short nails look nice and pretty, then this article is for you. I will show you how to have your nails short, pretty, and classy. Let’s nail it!

How To Make Short Nails Look Good

Having short nails is not an excuse for terrible-looking nails that you constantly hide in your pockets or bags. With simple tips I will discuss below, your short nails are about to become your prettiest body asset.

1. Manicure Your Short Nails

The journey to pretty nails begins here. Manicuring is not a treat for just long nails alone, manicuring is simply a nail treatment. As long as you have nails, your nails should receive pampering to keep them in good shape.

Keep your nails looking trimmed and clean. Having short nails is not an excuse for dirty and chipped nail edges. Get a manicure set, use the tools and scrape excess cuticles off your nails. File your nail bed to reveal a more polished nail and clip off split nail tips.

2. Apply Nail Treatment Oils and Conditioner

Most people are familiar with oiling and conditioning their tresses and scalp and are oblivious to doing the same for their nails. Your nails always come in contact with different things throughout the day and being exposed to both cold and hot temperatures, can weaken your nails.

Repay your nails for a good treat by applying a good cuticle oil to strengthen them.

3. Apply Bold Colours

When your nails are short, the best way to turn them into your most beautiful assets is by using bold colors. Bold colors look just great on short nails as on long nails.

Try bold nail colors like red or burgundy, black, white, or blue. Your nails will pop and become a bold feature.

4. Apply Your Nail Polish Correctly

Shorter nails require your polish precision to look just right. Avoid messy-looking nail paints as this is unattractive.

When painting your nails, use a fine-textured brush to apply your paint. Avoid using a brush with frayed bristles. Also, take note of the texture of your polish, if it is already hard and tacky. it would be difficult to paint and will give you a rough surface look.

5. Get Artistic with your Nail Design

To make your short nails dazzle, let your creativity come alive. Short nails can easily take on artistic looks and look beautiful.

There are many art nail designs available, you can incorporate using glitters to make your nails shine. Glitters are not your only option, try using nail colors in gradient or ombre patterns. There are no rules when it comes to being artistic with your nails, and I would give you great suggestions as you read on.

6. Shape Your Nails Correctly

Giving your nails a rounded, square, or almond tip can affect their look. Longer nails have more options of nail end tips, but shorter nails should choose nail tips that would make it appear longer or slimmer.

The best nail shape option for short nails is the almond, oval or squoval shape as it gives an appearance of a longer-looking nail. Short nails should avoid square and rounded tips, as this makes your nails appear shorter.

7. Go Nude!

Colors play a vital role in everything! Talk about one color shade that keeps giving that soft feminine vibe- Talk about Nudes! Get that soft-toned look to your hands by painting a nude color on your fingers.

Nude colors can give you that ethereal and feminine touch that speaks of class. Choose a nail polish with good pigment and texture for that perfect finish.

8. Apply French Tips

Another way to get beautiful-looking short nails is by using French tips. Leaving a natural white line at the tip of your nails is a sure way of making your short nails appear longer.

The white-lined tip gives an elongated effect as long as it is kept at a natural length. Over-extending the white line will make your nail appear shorter.

9. Try Bare Tips

Your short nails can get the illusion of a longer tip by simply omitting polish at the tip. When polishing your nails, avoid the nail polishing from reaching the tip, this creates the illusion of a longer nail.

10. Consider Extensions

If you want longer nails, you can consider extensions. Extensions are a quick way to make short nails look great, as they can add length and volume to your nails. There are many options for short nails, including press-on nails or nail tips.

What are the Best Nail Designs for Short Nails?

I have already let the cat out of the bag by telling you to put on your creative mind when designing your short nails. Short nails gracefully take up patterns, and I would mention designs you can do on your short nails.

Try using vertical stripes on your nails to make them appear even longer.

Use nail polish to create dots on your nails. It’s very stylish and cool.

Abstract patterns
Abstracts are classy and chic and something to rock your short fingers.

Candy prints
Get that youthful and vibrant look with candy prints.

Stars and Hearts
Warm up hearts with little stars and heart patterns on your fingernails.

The list is endless, but these mentioned patterns are a few you can try for that exquisite look on your fingers.