Olive and June vs Essie: Which Nail Polish Brand is Better?

Trips to the nail salon can be pricey, but who doesn’t want beautiful, glossy nails at all times? It is possible to recreate the salon look for a fraction of the price. When it comes to having perfect at-home manicures, Olive and June and Essie are among the most popular choices.

Olive and June vs Essie – Quick Overview

Olive and June vs Essie

Olive and June started as a Southern California-based nail salon. At some point, the founder recognized a huge opportunity which includes making the Olive and June nail polishes easy to shop online and use at home.

The idea behind the brand, particularly when it comes to at-home nails is making DIY pretty nails easy. What makes Olive and June different from other nail polish brands is the branding, the experience, the marketing style, and the quality.

Essie, on the other hand, was established in 1981 by Essie Weingarten who moved off to Vegas to promote her 13 unique nail polish colors. Some of the 12 colors include Baby’s breath and Bordeaux, which are still featured in the contemporary Essie color line-up.

For this reason, Essie has become synonymous with nail luxury in the United States and other countries. It is a staple across nail salons and beauty spas across the world.

The nail polishes are quick-drying and durable; notwithstanding, the biggest advantage of Essie is the sheer variety and vibrancy of beautiful colors on offer across the range.

Olive and June vs Essie: Pros and Cons

The formula of Olive and June nail polish is not a crowd favorite, other brands have better self-leveling properties. However, Olive and June’s top coat and drying drops are a great choice. Essie on the other hand is a popular salon choice but chips pretty quickly. The formula can also be a hit or miss.

Olive and June Pros

  1. Olive and June is great for brittle nails and dry.
  2. Olive and June contain everything you need for a DIY manicure.
  3. Vegan and cruelty-free.
  4. They’re always coming out with new, fresh colors and products.
  5. Best customer service around.
  6. Available online as well as at Target and Walmart.
  7. Options for quick dry polish and dry drops for fast manicures.

Olive and June Cons

  1. Olive and June’s colors are sold separately.
  2. The flat edge brush can be hard on small or skinny nails since it’s wide.
  3. New products can quickly sell out.

Essie Pros

1. When it comes to professional-quality nail polish, Essie is a great option. The brand boasts long wear times, particularly when it comes to its Gel Couture lines. These polishes can last up to two weeks with minimal chipping and wear.

2. Just like OPI, they are also “3 free” of toluene, formaldehyde, and DPB. This makes them a relatively safe option when it comes to the chemicals they contain.

Essie Cons

  1. While the brand remains a better option, there are a few disadvantages. The first is the actual applicator itself. It does not feel as natural in hand as the OPI brush; it is thinner and makes a three-stroke application a bit more challenging.
  2. Not certified Cruelty-Free (as of the time of writing this)

Olive and June vs Essie: Which Is Better?

Both brands have many colors to choose from, but Essie promises a longer wear time with fewer chips. This is particularly true when you’re considering their gel application.

Application may be a little more difficult due to the shape of the brush and the less ergonomic handle, but their longevity makes up for it.

Depending on what you typically buy, Olive and June may be more affordable than the salon brands, or more expensive but worth the upgrade from drugstore brands for better shades, opacity (or sheerness), and a smoother application.

Olive and June vs Essie: How Long Does Each Last?

Olive and June last 5 days. However, proper prep work before your mani and applying your top coat every 2-3 days will help it last.

Essie nail polish, when unopened, has a 2-year shelf life. On the nails, Essie nail polish can last for one or two weeks, depending on the application.

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