How to Remove Dip Nails at Home with Rice

At first sight of dip nails, you might think they are short acrylic or gel nails, but they’re not. The process of creating them is different.

Many people, including me, are lovers of dip nails because of their durability. Unlike other nails, dip nails can last for 3 to 4 months. The components used in making dip nails combine acrylic powder and nail glue. However, since resins and powders are the layers of dip nails, it forms a thicker manicure that can be hard to remove and might cause damage to your nails if not carefully done. 

How To Remove Dip Nails With Rice 

Hands Holding Rice

Generally, it is recommended that your nail tech removes and cleans your nails because of the technicalities. Still, it is easy to do on your own if you follow this simple baggy rice method I will show you. It might seem odd, but it’s magical and works quicker than any other method.

You are curious about how this works. So let’s jump in!

Step 1

Start your removal process by using a 150-grit nail file to file out the entire top layer of your dip nails. This process will make the acetone easily and quickly infiltrate the nails.

Step 2 

Get an empty bowl and pour a small cup of dried raw rice into it. Do not wash it or add water to it.

Step 3 

Put it in your microwave for 30 – 60 seconds, depending on your microwave’s watts. You could also use your gas cooker as an alternative but on low heat. Make sure to stir the rice in the bowl so the heat can circulate if you use the gas cooker. The goal is for the rice to be very warm but not hot.

Step 4 

Put the Ziploc bag inside the rice bowl on the wild rice and place a paper towel, cotton pad, or dryer sheet inside it. 

Step 5 

Pour a good amount of acetone into the Ziploc bag to thoroughly soak up the paper towel or whatever you used. I will advise 100% acetone for the best result.

Step 6 

Rub cuticle oil or vaseline on your fingers to prevent residues from sticking to your skin. It also protects your cuticles from drying out because of the acetone.

Step 7

Place your hands inside the bowl and rub your fingers against the soaked cotton pad or paper towel time and time again. The magic that speeds up the removal process comes from the reaction of the heat of the rice with the acetone.

Step 8

Check the nails to see if the product has dissolved completely. If it has not, you can put it in again and keep scrubbing your fingers against the cotton pad till it is entirely cleared.

If your rice gets cool, heat it and repeat the same process until the entire dip is removed.

Step 9

After it is all removed, you can use your nail file and buffer to neatly trim your nails and lightly buff them to be smooth.

Step 10 

Lastly, wash your hands and apply a nourish cuticle oil to your cuticles. I recommend doing this three times a week to keep your nails and cuticles well hydrated.

Dipped nails can be removed with hot water but can’t be thoroughly cleaned without acetone. So acetone is a significant ingredient in removing dip nails. You can go ahead with these simple steps I have shown you. I assure you a 100% good result.