How to Apply Kiss Nails – 9 Easy Steps

You might take care of kids, do a lot of house chores, or have a lot you do with your hands at work, and your nails are just there and not outstanding. This is okay! 

But taking those nails just like that on a date, dinner, party, or special event would look so awkward. You would want to go on something other than that date or for that event looking like the same workaholic that you are at home or work. You want your nails to look so perfect and outstandingly beautiful. So Kiss’s nails are an ideal solution for you. 

How To Apply Kiss Nails

Kiss brand is one of the best, with different styles and lengths and excellent quality. If what you do depends strongly on your fingers, like an artist, a hair stylist, or any other handwork, you should get the actual short length so that your nails do not get in the way of your work.

It’s easy to do and can be done anywhere. Of course, you can do it at home, but for perfection, you should call your nail tech.

So I will be showing you the application process step-by-step. Please read all the steps before applying them accordingly.

Step 1 

The kiss nails have different sizes, numbered from 0 – 13. Each nail has a number written on its tab at the edge. The number determines the size. The smaller the number, the bigger the size. If you are new to this, you might have to put the nails on each finger, from the thumb to the pinky, to note the number and size that perfectly fits it. Then, you can write it down and keep it for the next time you want to fix your nails so that you don’t repeat this step.

Step 2 

Now that you have all your nail sizes, apply a cuticle cream to give your nails and skin a nice and moisturized look. An excellent way to do this is to use the particular nail for the finger to press down the cuticles so that there is no excess or extra cream on the nails.

Step 3 

Your nails can not be longer than the artificial ones, so you must file them down if they’re long and clean any stains on them with a cotton board and a nail polish remover.

Step 4 

Apply the glue on your nails, and make sure you spread it around. Then, immediately do the same thing for the selected kiss nail you are applying on that finger. Please avoid using too much glue because it will cost you more work.

Step 5 

Neatly and nicely put the nails on your finger by lining it up at the cuticle angle and then long press it flat with firm pressure until air bumps out and makes a strong bond. You can count from 1 – 10 before you take your hands off.

Step 6 

Repeat the same process on the other nails. An easy way to do this is to fix the nails of the first hand and leave out the thumb and the index finger so that you can easily manipulate it for the other hand.

Do the same for the other hand, and we will be left with four fingers undone. 

Step 7 

Break off the tabs at the edge of the nails by easily bending them down and then back on themselves. It will break off very quickly.

Step 8 

Repeat the same process in steps 4 and 5 beginning with the index fingers of both hands one after the other. Then do the same for the thumbs. 

Step 9 

Use the nail file to smooth off the part of the nails where the tab was attached. Then, clean up any glue around the nails or your skin with a nail polish remover and a pad or cotton board.


Now that we have seen how to go about the application process. You can now do this perfectly. You can bathe with your nails on and it will last you for nothing less than 7 days. If anyone pulls out due to being used more often, you can quickly fix it, which will last ten days.

So with these stunning Kiss nails on, you will look special for that special event.