How Often Should You Get a Manicure?

Nothing is as beautiful as getting a set of fresh manicure that makes you feel like a queen. If you’re new to the world of manicures, you are likely wondering how often it is to get a manicure. Before we dive into that, let’s cover the benefits of a manicure.

The most important reason to get a manicure is that the nail technician cleans your nails first to eliminate all build-up of bacteria and then works their way into giving you the perfect manicure. Getting a manicure lets you de-stress because the process enables you to soak your hands in warm water, promoting blood flow.

How Often Should You Get A Manicure

How Often Should You Get A Manicure

It all depends on your lifestyle and preference. However, most experts agree that you should get a manicure every two weeks to allow your nails to grow slightly while maintaining a polished look. In fact, it would be best if you considered how quickly your fingernails grow.

In a survey published by the National Library Of Medicine, the fingernails grow around 3.47 millimeters a month, which is much faster than the toenails. However, the growth rate changes depending on the season but are slowest during the winter months. You also need to consider your nail shape and length, meaning if you prefer long nails, you’ll need regular manicures, so they are filed and shaped perfectly.

The strongest nail shape is a square shape with oval edges, so if you wear your nails in styles prone to damage, they’ll need to be reshaped every two weeks. As a general rule of thumb, leave two to three weeks between each manicure, so your nails can stay healthy. Lastly, another thing you should consider is the nail design.

Whether you have acrylic tips or gel nails, they all require more maintenance than natural nails, as they can chip easily and need to be touched up as your natural nail grows. The color of your nail polish also matters; black nail polish is prone to chipping, so you’ll need a touch-up twice a week.

Acrylic Manicure

Acrylic manicures can last between two to four weeks. So, it is generally advisable to get them done every three weeks to maintain a polished look. It would help if you always avoid activities that can damage your nails, such as typing or opening cans. You might want to check out our article on Gel vs Acrylic Nails Differences

Gel Manicure

Although Gel manicures are expensive to remove and time-consuming, experts recommend getting a gel nail every two to three weeks to give your nails time to recover from the removal process and to prevent the gel from damaging the nail bed.

Dip Powder Nail

There is no definite answer to this because dip powder nails last longer than gel nails and acrylics. Nonetheless, experts recommend you take a break from dip nails every 2-3 months, but if your nails are healthy and strong, you may not need a break. We created an easy guide on How to Remove Dip Powder Nails.

How Long Should You Wait Between Manicures?

For people with healthy nails, there is no need to wait any time between manicures, even though a popular myth states that nails need to breathe to receive oxygen and for the natural nails to strengthen and grow. The truth is your nails receive all the nutrients and oxygen they need through the bloodstream. Therefore, there is no need to take a break from getting natural manicures; you can always have them back to back without having any issues.

In addition, If your nails grow quickly and you work with your hands frequently, you should get a manicure every seven to ten days to keep them healthy and attractive. Manicures can help with proper nail growth and increased nail flexibility. A weekly routine of nail pampering can also change nail health and cuticles.

However, if you’re getting a manicure that requires the use of false nails like acrylics or gel, it’s a good idea to take a break every few weeks.

How Do I Keep My Nails Healthy Between Manicures?

Since we all love the look of freshly painted nails, manicures can be hard on your nails. Here are a few ways you can keep your nails healthy in between manicures;

1. Stop Picking

Always resist the urge to pick your nails. It would make your color flake off and damage your nails. It can be hard to overcome the temptation of picking your nails, so you can always ask your nail technician to layer on a pick-resistant top coat and then discipline yourself to stay away from them.

2. Apply Cuticle Oil And Practice Hand Care

Massage your cuticles regularly with oil to keep the nail beds healthy and to prevent the drying and cracked skin that can lead to cuticle damage. You also need to take care of your entire hand by exercising at least once daily.

3. Apply a nail treatment

Applying nail treatment helps to keep your nails strong until you are ready for your next manicure. It also helps to prevent breakage and keep them protected always.

4. Let Them Breathe

Give the nails a day or two after you remove your nail polish. This will allow your nails to heal more effectively and protect them for a long time.