23 Blue Nail Ideas to Elevate Your Look

Many people consider blue to be the most beautiful color in the world, and for good reason. Blue, with its soothing and refreshing qualities reminiscent of ocean waves, has a universal appeal that transcends cultures and geographies. Whether it’s the clear blue sky or the deep blue sea, there’s something about the color blue that speaks to us on a primal level.

Regardless of the season, blue nails are ideal since they’re pretty popular. Blue nails are also commonly used as a sign that the wearer is in a relationship. The color blue is a symbol of faithfulness, fidelity, power, honesty, composure, trust, knowledge, and strength. There is no reason to not get your nails polished in blue, especially with the fun and beautiful shades available.

You Should Try These Stunning Blue Nails

There are many beautiful shades of blue that you may try on your nails, and you can even combine up to three distinct blue shades to create a unique pattern. Check out these blue design inspirations for your next blue nail design.

1. Glitter Royal Blue

As the name suggests, this color is popular among royal families and is one of the most well-known shades of blue. Royal blue is a slightly darker shade of blue, but it still has a significant brightness to it. You can design your nails with this shade of blue and spice them up with silver or gold stones.

 2. Ocean Blue

The blue hue is formed by combining cobalt blue and cadmium green. This shade is very beautiful and bright; your nails polished with this shade of blue will have a calming appearance. This shade is just perfect.

 3. Neon blue

This is a vibrant medium-dark shade of blue. You can design your neon blue nails with hot pink, white, silver, and orange. This nail color is trendy among young people.

 4. Navy blue

This dark shade of blue is almost black, but unlike midnight blue, it is easy to identify. You can design your navy blue nails with shades such as oranges, cherry red, white, yellows, silver, gold, and lemon.

 5. Blue Oregon

It is uncommon and costly, and it is also referred to as Yin-Mn blue. This is the newest and bluest shade of blue; you should give this shade a try.

6. Sky Blue

This light blue color resembles the sky on a clear day; sky blue has a light but bright color. The best approach to rocking sky blue nails is to lacquer your nails in this light shade of blue and decorate them with white cloud nail art. This combo is stunning.

 7. Midnight Blue

If you love dark colors, then midnight blue is just for you. This shade is darker than navy blue, and midnight blue is often regarded as the darkest shade of blue. Many people mistake it for black since it is so dark. Wearing midnight blue nails will undoubtedly give you a sophisticated look. While using this shade of blue, you may add a touch of any lighter color of your choice.

 8. Blue Azure

This color is in the middle of the green and blue spectrums on the visible light spectrum. It is frequently said that this shade resembles the color of the sky on a gloomy day since it is more vivid than dark blue.

9. Blueberry

A blueberry shade is a rich, deep purple color. The blueberry shade, which is a combination of blue and magenta, is mostly a violet color. The blueberry shade will give your nails a luscious appearance, just like the fruit!

 10. Teal Blue

The common Eurasian teal bird’s colorful eye region inspired the name of this intense blue-green shade. Here are some hues you may use with teal if you want to incorporate it into your next nail design: burgundy, purple, brown, gold, black, and yellow. This combination will make your nails stand out.

11. Light Blue Nails

Light Blue Nails
@ jhohannails

Featuring a pale shade of blue, this delicate and refreshing nail design is perfect for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to formal events.

12. Baby Blue Nails

Baby Blue Nails
@ mary_nails_suisse

This sweet and charming nail design features a light and soft shade of blue, perfect for springtime weddings or a relaxing day at the spa.

13. Royal Blue Nails

Royal Blue Nails

Make a bold and regal statement with this deep and rich shade of blue, perfect for a formal event or a night out.

14. Blue French Tip Nails

Blue French Tip Nails

This classic and timeless design features a blue tip on a natural or clear base, providing an elegant and versatile look that can be customized with different shades and shapes.

15. Blue Ombre Nails

Add a pop of color with this trendy and artistic nail design, featuring a gradient of blue shades fading from light to dark.

16. Blue Acrylic Nails

This durable and long-lasting design features acrylic extensions in a blue shade, providing extra length and strength to your nails.

17. Dark Blue Nails

This sultry and mysterious nail design features a rich and dark shade of blue, perfect for a night out or a special event.

18. Blue and White Nails

This clean and classic nail design features a combination of blue and white shades, perfect for a variety of occasions and customizable with different patterns and accents.

19. Sky Blue Nails

This fresh and breezy nail design features a light and airy shade of blue, reminiscent of a clear blue sky, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach or a casual outdoor event.

20. Blue and Silver Nails

Add a touch of glamour and sophistication with this chic and glamorous nail design, featuring a combination of blue and silver shades.

21. Matte Blue Nails

Make a bold and edgy statement with this modern nail design, featuring a matte finish in a blue shade, customizable with different textures and finishes.

22. Blue and Gold Nails

Make a luxurious and elegant statement with this regal and sophisticated nail design, featuring a combination of blue and gold shades, perfect for formal events and special occasions.

23. Pastel Blue Nails

This soft and delicate nail design features a gentle and calming pastel shade of blue, customizable with different patterns and textures for a playful and fun look.

With a wide variety of blue shades, you can use for your next nail, any shade of blue will look stunning when paired with a hint of gold or silver. If you love designing with other colors, it is better to use a combination of brighter and darker shades together than just one single shade.