Natural Nails

Natural Nails


Pedicure (30 minutes) $25
Deluxe Pedicure (45 minutes) $35

Includes: Foot scrub exfoliation, sea salt/ mineral sugar exfoliation, choice of masque, soothing massage.

Xtreme Pedicure (60 minutes) $50

Includes: Aroma bubble bath, callus treatment, sea salt/mineral sugar exfoliation, paraffin treatment, soothing massage & hot stone massage (25 minutes), soothing sorbet hydrating gel.

Foot Massage (30 minutes) $35


Manicure (25 minutes, $2 extra for the use of Spa Chair) $18
Deluxe Manicure (35 minutes) $25

Includes: Aroma bubble bath, leathering gel, paraffin treatment, soothing massage.

Xtreme Manicure (45 minutes) $35

Includes: Leathering gel, hot oil/lotion, paraffin treatment, soothing massage & hot stone massage (25 minutes), soothing sorbet hydrating gel.

$10 extra with gel color,$15 extra with french style gel

$5 Off on manicure with service of artificial nails.

Artificial Nails

Artificial Nails


Full Set Acrylic $35
Fill-Ins Acrylic ($2 extra for each broken nail) $25
Full Set Pink & White Tips (white powder $5 extra) $45
Fill-Ins Pink & White ($2 extra for each broken nail) $40

Signature Nails Systems ( Powder Dipped Nails)

SNS on Natural Nails $35
SNS with Tips Extension $40

China Silk

Full Set Silk $45
Fill-ins Silk ($2 extra for each broken nail) $30

Builder Gel (Permanent Gel, Hard Gel)

Full Set Builder Gel $45
Fill-ins Builder Gel ($2 extra for each broken nail) $30

Soak-Off Gel Only

Soak-Off Color Gel ($5 off w/service, French $5 extra) $15
Clear Gel Coating for Acrylic or Silk Nails $5

Acrylic colors, glitter are $5 extra

Ombre color $10 extra

Coffin/Stiletto/Almond/Oval nails shaped are $5 extra.

All services include nail polish, cut down $2 extra.

Prices are based on medium length, longer lengths are slightly higher.

Special Prices for Children

Special Prices for Children

Manicure (under 13 years old) $10
Pedicure (under 13 years old) $15
Manicure (under 9 years old) $8
Pedicure (under 9 years old) $12
Manicure (under 6 years old) $7
Pedicure (under 6 years old) $10
Hand-Painted Design ($3 for 2 designs) $2
French Color (with service) $3
Color Change (french $2 and feet $1 extra) $5
Skin, Body Care & Treatment

Skin, Body Care & Treatment

Full Facial (45 minutes) $40

A deep pore cleansing and toning including neck and shoulder massage, followed by masque and moisturizer.

European Facial (60 minutes) $50

A classic European Facial helps to improve the texture of your skin, reduces anxiety and depression, and improves mood. Includes deep cleansing and toning, a neck and shoulder massage with essential oils to relax and stimulate your mind, a revitalizing masque, finalized by a nutrient-rich moisturizer and daylight defense protection which hydrates and restores the natural balance of your skin.

Medibac Clearing (75 minutes treatment) $65

This powerful treatment clinical approach is designed to control oil secretion, reduce irritation and breakouts for adult acne. Treatment includes deep pore cleansing, followed by the professional exfoliation to remove pore-clogging skin cells and extraction with high frequency to help clear current breakouts without spreading acne caused by bacterial, the professional enzymatic and masque system detoxifies while calming of sensitive areas.

(A series of 6 are recommended for best results.)

AGE Smart (75 minutes treatment) $65

This treatment designed to helps firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin aging.

(A series of 6 are recommended for best result. 20% off on pre-purchased of 6 treatments).

Back Treatment (60 minutes treatment) $55

This relaxation begins with a deep cleansing and exfoliation to remove excess oil and debris, extraction if necessary, followed by a customized masque and aromatherapy massage.

Back Therapy (60 minutes treatment) $55

This treatment combines dead sea salts with natural essential oils to exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth and silkened. Includes friction massage and gentle cloth buffing.

Customizing Masque

Clinical Colloidal Oatmeal Masque $15
Contour Masque $15
Smooth Waxing

Smooth Waxing

Eyebrows (tweezed extra) $9 +
Lip $7
Eyebrows & Lip $15 +
Sideburns $10
Chin $10
Fingers/Toes $7
Neck $15
Full Face $35
Under Arms $15 +
Half Arms $20
Full Arms $35
Bikini Lines $20 +
Brazilian Bikini $35 +
Half-Legs (upper of lower) $25
Full-Legs $40 +
Full-Legs with bikini lines $55
Chest $25
Abdomen $20
Full Back $35 +

(Prices may vary if waxing is customized for your specific needs.)

Add-on Services

Add-on Services

Callus Treatment (10 minutes treatment) $5

A fast-acting, retexturizing treatment to helps smooth rough callused.

Sea Salt/Mineral Sugar Exfoliation $5

Buffing grains offer the highest degree of dead cell removal while leaving the skin soft, supple and moisturized.

Leathering Gel for Manicure $5

Containing powdered walnut shell and pumice, this gentle cleanser leaves the skin clarified yet never dehydrated.

Mud, Clay, Marine or Cooling Gel Masque $5
Paraffin Treatment (hands or feet) $10

Beneficial to the skin, leaving skin softened and more radiant.

Hot Oil/Lotion for Manicure $5

Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation alleviates stress and improves circulation. 

Color Change (french $2 and feet $1 extra) $7
French Color or Chamois Buffing (with service) $5
Broken Nail (without fill-ins) $5
Artificial Nails Taken-Off ($5 off with any new set) $10
Soak-off Gel Removal ($3 redo Mani/Pedi/Fills w/gel) $5
Hand-Painted Design ($5 for 2 designs) $3
Nail Decals or Charms (each) $2
Modeling Masks

Modeling Masks

Modeling Mask $20

The 25-minutes treatment will be conveniently provided while you have your-Pedi Spa done.

Includes: Cleansing then followed by masque and moisturizer.